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Picking up a guitar and playing it is a nice feeling. Playing the guitar is also a great achievement. However, many people think that they

will never play the guitar. If you are a guitar lover and don’t know how to play the guitar. Just relax, don’t worry at all, here in this piece of article I am going to discuss the online guitar lessons. Nowadays a lot of online guitar lessons are available for guitar lovers. Online guitar lessons are for those people, who are looking for a fast, easy and cool way to learn the guitar.Normally there are various ways of learning and playing the guitar. However, in this piece of writing, you will get two best ways of online learning guitar.  JamPlay vs guitartricks. We will compare Guitar tricks Vs. JamPlay in this article.

Learning Guitar  

If you are interested in learning guitar, there are many online websites which are great source of learning a guitar. However, there are two best online guitar lesson websites. These are and guitar

Online guitar lessons are ways to give the step by step instructions for learning all the essential and required skills which are needed to advance and playing the guitar perfectly. Here on these websites, there are many instructors, who teach the users by their own method, by their own experience, by their own technique as well as by their own genre. Every instructor way of learning is different from others. Therefore, the students will get the lessons and clear their concept by different methods. In addition, the students will also not become bored by listening to different instructors.

One of the main advantages of online guitar learning is that you can learn at your own place. You can take the classes and lessons in your own relaxing time. Another amazing thing about this online learning is that you can pause the videos; you can repeat the video as many times as you want. Also, you can back to previous lessons at any time. Thus you can clear your entire concept by sitting in your comfort zone.

Selection Website

Basically when we are doing a comparison between two things, first of all, we are explaining about features of both things. We also discuss the advantages as well as disadvantages of both things. Finally, we select the one thing better than the others, also we are giving the reasons why one is better than the other.

So, the same thing we are going to do in this article. First of all, we will compare the Guitar Tricks vs. Jam Play. Then among these, we will take one website as the best for online guitar learning.

Selecting one website from these two is very confusing as well as time-consuming. Because these both are best sites and both have some of the distinguishing features. That’s why if you want to select one, first you have to compare guitar Tricks vs. jam play side by side to see which one is best for learning the guitar.

To get the best one, first of all, you have to have knowledge about the background of these sites. Let jump into the historical background.

The guitar trick is the older site than the Jam play. Guitar trick was established in 1998. However, Jam play is newer and established in 2007. Guitar Tricks has a lesson library, which consists of 11,000 lessons, and it also contains 1000+ songs. If we talk about the teachers, instructors, then the instructors are from all over the world.

Some people are saying that guitar tricks really founded and designed online guitar lessons. Jam play came after guitar tricks and genuinely set out to outgrow guitar tricks.

Both of these sites have courses for beginner, intermediate as well as advanced guitar players. These both the sites are almost of the same amount.

In this piece of writing, we are going to compare these two sites on the basis of: Level, user interface, online tools, extras, pricing and refund policy.

Level of guitar tricks

There are thousands of lessons for all type of learners like for beginners, intermediate as well as advanced learners. There are a lot of genre lessons in guitar tricks. When we are talking about the number of songs, here in guitar tricks more than 900 song lessons are available. In guitar tricks, you can download the lessons online to your local device. However, you are not permitted to download the song lessons.

Jam Play

Just like guitar tricks here in jam play 1000 lessons are available. These lessons are for beginners, intermediate as well as advanced learners. In jam play, the genre is many more than the guitar tricks. On this website, there are 350 song lessons. Here also you can download the videos, but to do so you are bound to use their system as well as you have to pay extra for it.

Best for level:

There are basically three levels. Beginners, intermediate as advanced level learning. Therefore Guitar Tricks is the best online website for beginners as well as for intermediate level. Here all the basics terms are taught step by step.  However, jam play is good for beginners and intermediate level, but it’s an ideal option for advanced learners.

User interface

In the user interface both of these websites have the same characteristics like both have personalized UI, both have bookmark lessons. Along with this, both sites have progress history and lesson viewed.


Guitar Tricks is an active forum. Here more lessons and tools are available which are downloadable. In addition to lessons, games are also available on this site.  In guitar tricks only one learning game is accessible.

Jam play

It is also an active forum. Here live webcam lessons and live studio courses are present. Along with living webcam lessons and live studio courses games are also available. In jam play, there is a total of three learning games.


Now let’s talk about the price. There are two types of prices, one on a monthly basis and the other on a yearly basis. So it’s totally up to you, which type of price suits your budget.

Guitar tricks

If you are charging for one month, the price is $19.95. However, if you are charging for a year, then it’s $143.20.

Jam play

The monthly price of jam play courses is $19.95.  But if you want to pay for a whole year, the price is $159.95. You have to charge $16 extra in jam play as compared to guitar tricks.

Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with your course (Guitar Tricks or Jam Play) in this way you have an option to give them back the online course and get your money back. The refund policy is very simple. However, refund days are different for both of these sites. Let’s have a look!

Guitar tricks

On this website, you have 60 days to get your money back if you are not satisfied with the course. You can use the course for 2 months and in this time period if you think this course is not giving you benefit, or is not appropriate for your level, Just return the course and get your money back. Guitar tricks will send your money back to your account without asking any question answer

Jam play

Jam play has 30 days money back policy. If you are not happy with jam play or you think it’s difficult to understand, just change your plan and give back the course. This website offers 1 month to test and see if it suits your need and interest. If not then just email them. They can send your payment back without asking any questions.

As you can see both of these websites are almost similar to each other. Therefore selecting the best one is still confusing. Now we will check the pros and cons of both these sites and compare Guitar Tricks vs. jam play. After the comparison, we will able to get the best website for learning guitar.

Pros of guitar tricks

There are some of the best things which are present on Guitar If we talk about the lessons, then the lessons are very short. They are to the point. There is no extra and irrelevant lesson.

“Artist Style,” says that the lessons on guitar tricks are very beneficial for intermediate and advanced players. Along with lessons, you can gain in-depth knowledge about the mentioned artist characteristics and different technique. This is really amazing.

Get a discount:

You can get a discount on Guitar Tricks. There are two ways of getting a discount. The first one is you have to sign up for yearly membership in guitar tricks. The second way is by using a discount code. Through this code, you can get a great discount. Also here in guitar tricks, they have a 2-week trial choice.

Another best thing about guitar Tricks is that lessons are available for everyone like from beginners to the intermediate level. These lessons are also for the advanced players, who are searching for improving their techniques. Here the lessons cover each and every genre of guitar. But remember you will not get bored with repetitive lessons.

Cons of Guitar Tricks

Here in guitar Trick, the jam station is not downloadable. In guitar tricks, there are some of the very old videos. If we talk about the quality of that older station, they are of very low-quality production. So these older stations should be removed and expelled from there.

Pros of Jam play

Like guitar tricks, jam play also has some of the distinguished properties which are as under:

The production quality of the lessons is very amazing. They are very sensitive regarding their lessons look.

If we compare the guitar tracks with jam play, the user panel in jam play is more intuitive than on guitar tricks. Jam play has discount codes. Thanks to jamplay with the help of these codes, you can save membership prices.

Another plus point of jam play is, you can contact the other members. In jam play artist-teachers, the professional teachers are not excellent at teaching. On the other hand, they are best at teaching their own songs as well as their technique. Therefore it is best for advanced guitarists.

Cons of Jam play

Jam play conducts its sessions on a live webcam. In spite of putting great effort into it, these lessons are not fruitful and are silly. The teachers here are doing something of their own interests and preference.

In every session, there is a comment section. There you can post your comment. Normally the instructor will reply.

Though jam play has a large number of teachers, remember that almost all of the teachers teach the same thing with the same process.

About Guitar tricks online guitar lesson platform

Here in guitar tricks many of the video lessons and guitar tools are downloadable to your device. If you are not connected to the internet still you can learn lessons offline. However, you cannot download the songs.

For new members, there are a 14 days free trial membership. In this trail, you can get aware of all of the tools and lessons. This is offered by guitar tricks to its users.

This site offers recent and more famous songs.

Guitar tricks offer variety of courses for every type of learners. For beginners, you have to go through their main and central learning system. This is regarded as the best system for beginners as well as for intermediate. On the other hand, if you are an advanced learner, there is a search function. This search function allows you to find lessons from lots of famous and well- known guitar players.  The search function is also called “by inspiration”. This helps you to highlights songs that are performed by these popular guitar players.

In guitar tricks, the lessons are very short and useful. These lessons are neither too long, nor boring. On the guitar tricks website there are a lot of guitar tools and guitar lessons. All of these materials are downloadable. If you are feeling trouble with the internet, don’t worry at all. You can keep your learning by downloading all your lessons.

The lessons on Guitar Tricks are designed to help you to progress in the most effective way. Every tutorial has a series of lessons, which are arranged in such a way that, each lesson is taught by the instructors stepwise. When your level of learning and lessons increases, your progress is recorded by a progress bar.

About Jam Play

If you are a beginner or an advanced guitar player, this website is one of the best sites for you. Jam play has a remarkable selection of scales in a library. That is a major tool. If we are comparing the quality of video of jam play with guitar tricks, the quality of jam play video is much better than the guitar tricks.

The beginner lessons offered by jam play are categorized by different teachers and various guitar types. Each teacher has particular lessons for beginners. One guitar lesson is different from the other lesson on the basis of the teacher and teaching method of the teacher.

At jam play, the teachers will answer your query that you write in a personal letter. Jam play offers a basic course. This consists of all the main parts for a beginner’s guitar player. Along with this jam play also suggests advanced lessons for an experienced guitar player.

Jam play offers webcam lessons. This is two-way video live lessons. Here on webcam, you can directly interact with your teacher and instructor. Jam play has much more choices of various songs than the songs offer by guitar tricks. That’s why the jam play website is regarded as one the best website for advanced guitar players.

To conclude, jam play has remarkable functionality. This gives its user’s thousands of video lessons. There are a variety of games and guitar tools to use online, which are fruitful for the learning process.

Guitar Tricks is an amazing platform for beginners as well as intermediate guitar players. However, if you are searching for a website for advanced guitar players, then you have to search for one another website such as jam play.

Which site is better (Guitar tricks Vs. Jam Play)

In my point of view, opinion, guitar tracks are the best website for learning the guitar. Given below are some of the reasons why I recommend guitar tricks the best online guitar learning website.

  1. Most of the guitar tools and video lessons are downloadable:

This is an amazing feature of guitar tricks. You can download the lessons to your laptop and computer. Thus, even without internet access, you can continue your learning. However, you cannot download the videos just because of the licensing issue.

Longer refund Period:

A Guitar trick has 60 days the refund period. So you have much more time to calculate and estimate it and see if it suits you or not.

New for April 2023:

In April 2021, a new Free Trial Membership for 14 days is announced. Here you will get access to all the tools and lessons on for free of cost.

Source of attraction for beginners

Guitar Tricks is the source of attraction and inspiration for beginners. The reasons for that is, it contains all the beneficial fundamental courses that are I and II. These courses include a welcome to guitar, how does Guitar work etc. These basic courses create awareness in users about Guitar learning as well as Guitar Playing.

  1. Another plus point is that it uses up very little space.

Overall, due to all these reasons, I would recommend Guitar Tricks as the best online Guitar learning platform.


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