10 Best Classical Guitar under 300

10 Best Classical Guitar under 300

In this article we are going to explain the best classical guitar under $300. There are many different best classical guitars available in the market so it’s very tough to make some choice. Moreover, learning the guitar is not so easy it will require proper time. Many of the best classical guitars that you buy in 300 dollar price range are basically are beginner classical guitars, These are mostly used by beginners. By using this classical guitar you can learn classical, flamenco, or simply just the guitar generally.

The most important feature of these guitars is that they are easy to play. The nice thing about classical guitars is that they are mostly composed of nylon strings. These strings are easy to press by the fingers so beginners and kids can perfectly play these classical guitars. Moreover, their fingers and hands also became safe without any hurt.

If you’re searching for the very best classical guitar under 500 dollars then you must know who be well this instrument is designed. These nylon string guitars are perfect in terms of appearance and sound.

Moreover, you can easily purchase these classical guitars even if you are having tight budget. These all the headphones are of high sound quality. However, now you have to choose a single guitars from too much variety of the guitar then we are going to explain many different models of acoustic-electric guitars under 500 dollars.

The Best Classical Guitars Under $300

In this paragraph, we will explain some of the classic guitar models. the guitars with Nylon-string guitar always have timeless value and appeal. Moreover, An authentic classical guitar offers great sound quality instead of what type of music you play.

In addition, most famous guitarists know that classical guitars as the great musical instrument for learning classical techniques. The low pressure nylon strings are comfortable on the fingers and easy to play.

The list of cheap guitars includes

  • Yamaha CG142SH Classical Natural Guitar
  • Ovation Applause Balladeer AB24CII-CED
  • Takamine GC1 Natural Guitar
  • Ibanez AEG50N Black High Gloss
  • Washburn C5CE Classical Guitar
  • Cordoba C3M Classical guitar
  • Luna Safari Nylon Travel best classical Guitars

Yamaha CG142SH Classical Natural Guitar

This is the first guitar in our list because it is amazing full-sized classical guitar Yamaha CG142S. Moreover, Yamaha guitar are made up of complete nylon-strings, thus making it staple for every guitarist.

Furthermore, you can purchase these guitars at an affordable price. At this less price, you will have excellent playability and tone quality. The Yamaha uppermost tonewood choice produces the perfect combination with a nylon-string guitar. Moreover, tonewood plays the most important role to produce an impressive sound.


  • Top: Solid canadian cedar top o
  • Back, sides, neck: Nato
  • Fingerboard, bridge: Rosewood
  • Body depth: 3.7″-3.94″ (94-100mm)
  • Nut width: 2.05″ (52mm

Yamaha is available with a solid spruce top. This solid top helps the guitar to produce a sound hole with excellent expectations. These are composed of different parts that are composed of woods. The parts include rosewood fretboard and bridge that produce a warm tone along with other guitar features.

in addition, Yamaha is equipped with a solid spruce top, the tone quality increases with age. As the decades are passing its quality is improving by different Yamaha models. These provide the experienced players with a balanced tone.

furthermore, It is equipped with a full 2-inch bone nut width that permits you to play the right and exact classical techniques. At this price range you will receive amplified tone that will amplify the sounds more.


  • An ideal classical guitar for beginners.
  • Impressive sound quality and easy playability.
  • Full-size classical guitar at a reasonable price.
  • the high gloss finish gives an attractive look.


  • No cutaway and scope for pickup/preamp.
  • Case/ gig bag isn’t included.

Ovation Applause Balladeer AB24CII-CED

Ovation is a well-known brand that is used by many users nowadays. There are basically two things that allow Ovation as a brand to grow in this guitar world. In these two thing, the first thing is their beauty body design and the use of the Lyra chords notes.

The major positive point of this brand is the brand that you will get the best sound quality in very affordable price. In most cases, you don’t get these both things together.


  • New for 2017
  • Ovation Lyrachord Mid-Depth Cutaway, Ovangkol Fingerboard n CE304T with three-band EQ and built-in tuning machines, Ovation Under the Saddle Piezo Pickup
  • Spruce top
  • Recommended accessories: Ovation 8158-0 hard-shell case or 8358-0 Zero-gravity Guitar case

In these guitar features the most important feature is their unique body design with a single-cutaway. Moreover, the guitar body is composed of lyra chords, the major factor by which the good classical guitar become more famous.

The classical guitar under 300 uses materials that are popular for their amazing durability and ability to give impressive sounds.

In addition, in the body The top is composed of layered cedar. layered cedar means that guitar makers have used indian rosewood for laminating the best classical guitar. This wood will protect the guitar from any damage. The neck is the other main part of the guitar on which the other body depends. The neck is composed of mahogany while the other component that is fretboard is made of ovangkol. The whole fretboard includes the nine frets.

as it is an acoustic-electric so it is available with some electronics accessories. Moreover, It features a amp and a Slim line under-saddle piezo pickup, both are created by the Ovation brand. The preamp provides the users with simple controls and tuning machines form.

This guitar delivers is the best guitar performing its function very well with lovely clear tone.


  • Tones – Clear and precise.
  • Playability – Comfortable to hold and play.
  • Hardware – Good quality.


  • Material – Synthetic body.

You can also go for this guitar customization. This guitar is perfect for anyone who does not want to strict itself to the traditional requirements of a other classical guitar. In the end, it’s sound great.

Takamine GC1 Natural Guitar

You can define these guitars as very simple, stylish and attractive guitars. Takamine guitars are much more popularly known for their quality and their high cost. Moreover, it is the best preference for the beginner guitar. furthermore, some of these guitar models are also available at low price for those who cannot afford expensive guitars models.

When you are a beginner always choose the full size guitar that is available at low price table. after getting some experience you can some expensive guitar.

Thia guitar is made with a unique design with a lovely laminated spruce top and sides and back composed of of laminated mahogany.


  • Top – Laminate Spruce
  • Body – Mahogany
  • Neck – Mahogany
  • Fingerboard – Laurel
  • Spruce Top, Mahogany Back
  • Mahogany Sides, Mahogany Neck
  • Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Beautiful Inlaid Mosaic Rosette
  • Gloss Natural Finish

It is made specifically to represent traditional classical values. This is one of the most popular models with the spruce top you will notice a traditional classical fan bracing.

MoreoverThe neck is composed of basics mahogany and a laurel fingerboard. These whole fretboards contain 19 frets. Furthermore, This is neck is attached to the body at the 12th fret with a link joint. when there are no cutaways in the guitar the simple and straight frets note are present.

These guitars also come with different hardware. this hardware has exceptionally good quality. The hardware contains chrome tuners with white pearl buttons and artificial bone nut and saddle.

Moreover, this instrument sounds so good with its warm and balanced tone


  • Balanced, warm tone
  • Traditional build for those wanting to master the classical guitar


  • The laminate top doesn’t provide full sonic capabilities

If you are looking for top-quality brand guitar at a very low cost? Then this GC1 from Takamine is the best option and you can buy it at a reasonable price.

Ibanez AEG50N Black High Gloss

Ibanez is not so popular acoustic guitar brand but these have all the features that a perfect guitar brand should have. This Acoustic-Electric from the brand is part of our list so we are going to explain it.

Most importantly, First, this is a compact guitar that is best for beginner and intermediate guitarists. Moreover, It has multiple features in which one of which is spruce top tuning and a body. The sides of the guitar are composed of mahogany. The application of this tonewood combination is very much prominent in its tonal distribution.


  • Spruce Top
  • Mahogany Back And Sides
  • Easy to play

In addition, The neck is composed of mahogany while the fretboard is composed of rosewood. The long fretboard has almost 199 frets that help you to play the warm sounds. You can easily press these strings buttons without any worry because of their unique cutaway designs in the body.

Moreover, as it is an acoustic-electric guitar, it is available with an inside Piezo pickup system. There is another system that is an EQ system that permits you to fine-tune your amplified tone according to your taste.

If you want a true sounding classical guitar, this guitar gives you just that tone. With the added electronics, you can create even more variations of the tone, adding increased versatility to your play.

This is one of the best classical guitars that provides so many features at an affordable price. Any beginner looking for something that offers versatility should buy this out.


  • Slim, lightweight design offers comfortable playability.
  • Articulate, amplified tone.
  • Excellent playability and quick response.
  • A great-sounding guitar with a stunning look at an affordable price.
  • Tone – Great classical tone.
  • Build – Well built.
  • Electronics – Offers additional tonal options.


  • Nut and saddle are made of plastic.
  • You may discover minor flaws in the finishing.
  • Digital tuner – The included electronics doesn’t include a digital tuner

This classical guitar deliver a great acoustic classical tone. Moreover, this brand also produces all the other different included electronics. You will love this guitar whether you utilize it for amplified sound.

Washburn C5CE Classical Guitar

The Washburn C5CE is the most top classical guitar that is worth their money. These musical instruments can produce all your expected music in various classical style. It enhances its performance by using many different features. Moreover, its structure is very simple that help the guitar play in playing.  Furthermore, it provides low-tension strings, which makes them an ideal classical music instrument for beginner


Brand Washburn

Top Material Type Spruce

Body Material Select Spruce top, Mahogany back & sides

Back Material Type Mahogany Wood

Neck Material Type Mahogany

Fretboard Material Type Engineered Wood

Guitar Pickup Configuration No Pickup

String Material Type Nylon

Hand Orientation Right small ha

Guitar Bridge System Wood


  • Nylon Stringed Classical Guitar with ageless appeal
  • Features a cutaway for upper fret access.
  • Solid Spruce Top; Mahogany Back & Sides
  • 19-Fret Mahogany Neck with two Way Truss Rod; Engineered Wood Fretboard; Graphtech Nubone Nut
  • Narrower string spacing than other classical guitars to accommodate steel strings players.
  • 4 Band EQ with Tuner with gig bag
  • Gold Classical Tuners; Gold Hardware; Alternative Bridge
  • Feedback reducing thinline body.

Washburn C5CE features premium tonewoods that a classical guitar should have. This guitar equipment has a solid spruce top and catalpa back & sides. These features produce a warm tone and strong direction. The solid mahogany neck is equipped with a rosewood fretboard and bridge. The neck highlights an ideal shape and width with perfect string spacing that ensure superb playability.

Beyond that, the C5CE has a built-in preamp and pickup systems that amplify the sound. Plus, the music becomes warmer, sweet, and well-balanced.


  • Tonewood produces a warm, bright, and lively tone.
  • Full-sounding nylon-string guitar at an affordable price.
  • The single-cutaway design offers excellent playability.
  • EVT Preamp for amplified rich sound.


  • Frets are sharp enough to scratch your fingers.

Its built-in tuner keeps your guitar stay in tune very well. On top of that, the wooden body is coated with glossy finishing. As a result, the guitar returns an eye-appealing look.

Cordoba C3M Classical guitar

If you’re after the truly traditional classical guitar experience, Cordoba is the brand for you. They build solely in the traditional Spanish fan bracing , spanish tradition and craft each guitar by hand, keeping in line with techniques perfected by luthiers over more than two centuries. I’d expect a good classical guitar of this quality to cost more than I could afford, but the Cordoba guitars delivers more than anyone could hope for at this price point.


  • Top – Solid Cedar
  • Body – Mahogany
  • Neck – Mahogany
  • Fingerboard – Pau Ferro

Its solid cedar top and mahogany back and sides combine to form a tone that hearkens back to historical times when the great artists like Fernando Sor and Francisco Tárrega were composing the first timeless classical guitar pieces to grace our world. Playing the C3M, its hard to not imagine yourself in a mid-19th Century concert hall.

It’s graceful, traditional, and built with the care and attention of some of the planet’s best luthiers. They might overlook some of the finer details such as grinding down the frets, but with a little TLC after the purchase, you can hone this best cheap classical guitars instrument you’ll be proud to own for the rest of your life.


  • Handmade by a team of highly skilled luthiers
  • Solid top that sounds better with age
  • Authentic historical build in the Spanish tradition


  • Can ship with improperly ground frets/sharp fret edges extending past fingerboard
  • Needs a setup to perform properly

Luna Safari Nylon Travel best classical Guitars

If you have a tight budget acoustic-electric guitar and searching for the best standard size travelling new guitar. Luna Safari Nylon Travel Guitar is the best classical guitar under 300 travel-size guitar . Moreover, as it is lightweight so you can easily take them with you for guitar lessons. Furthermore, this guitar delivers a rich tone while playing guitar. These top classical guitars easily fit into smaller places as you can easily fold them.


  • Brand Luna Guitars
  • Color Natural
  • Top Material Type Spruce
  • Body Material Mahogany
  • Back Material Type Mahogany
  • Neck Material Type Mahogany
  • Fretboard Material Type Rosewood
  • String Material Type Nylon

In addition, This compact guitar gives full-size tone styles. Their sound resembles with regular nylon-string guitar. Most importantly, the “C” shape of the slim neck provides a matte finish that gives a resonant sound and smooth playing feel. Unlike the other guitars, This produces better tone and you will enjoy playing with upper frets.


  • Back & Sides: Mahogany
  • Celtic laser etch
  • Finish: Satin
  • Nut Width: 1-11/16″
  • Nylon Strings with gig bag

At the same time other tonewood with great playability include a solid cedar top and mahogany back and sides. Moreover, these are composed of solid woods with a solid nato neck and solid rosewood. These are included in the list of classical guitars under 300. Furthermore, These have stable tuning and rosewood bridge.

If you are a beginner then these acoustics are best for you. These are used by the musician mostly for practicing . Moreover, these are of simple design with an affordable range of money. This is excellent choice for the great attention used by the musicians. Furthermore, these are constructed lightweight in a cutaway design.

In addition, its small size is perfectly suited for young and smaller players. Their craftsmanship and tuning tonewoods are in different styles.

Also, this guitar provides a hand-inlaid wooden rosette. this wood inlaid rosette with rosewood fingerboard gives an attractive, timeless appearance.


  • Impressive sounding guitar at a reasonable price.
  • “C” profile neck offers a smooth and comfortable playability.
  • Premium tonewood creates a rich and articulate sound.
  • EVT Preamp for amplified rich sound.


  • No cutaway design and preamplifier.
  • You may discover some tuning issues

Budget Classical Guitar Buying Guide

There are many different factors and major things about the guitars that you should keep in mind. In this paragraph, we will explain all those factors that you should consider while buying the guitar.

What to look for when buying a Classical Guitar Under $500?

As there are many different models of guitars are available in the market so sometimes it became a difficult task for only one guitar. There are so many classical guitars under 300 dollars so it will be a difficult step to choose the right one.

Moreover, the first step you have to do is to know your high level skills so that it will become easy for you to choose a size guitar. Always select a guitar which performance is suitable for your abilities. By choosing the right guitar for yourself you can enhance and improve your performance within days.

However, always keep notice of your budget level. This is one of the most important factors because your money will decide which type of guitar you can buy and which type not. In addition, you know your budget very well. If you are a new learner then buy the guitar at very reasonable prices so that you can easily practice on them. If you are small then buy the one that is perfect for kids in a small size. The small size will make sure that your fingers reach guitar frets.

It totally depends on you that whether you buy a cheap guitar or expensive guitar. Most importantly, the other two factors that really makeup guitar is how it produces sounds and how well it has been built. Perfect craftsmanship shows that the guitar will work for a long-lasting period and it will not damage early.

Guitar Bundles

Guitar Bundles

If you want to play beginner guitars then you should buy the guitar with a guitar bundle. This is a great value-for-money option than simply buying a  single guitar in this price range. Multiple brands provide the users with guitar bundles. Along with the guitars you will also get some essential accessories.  It is the best way to have many accessories at this price.

Moreover, you can also save your money. You will not be required to buy any accessories for the immediate playing of guitar. after taking out the guitar from the box just connect the required things and the guitar is ready to play.  When you buy the guitar with the bundles and package you will receive tuners, capos, and extra string sets.

As you will have these products at a very cheap price with the guitar so sometimes these are not of high quality. These save your money but sometimes it will be a risk because not always the products are good. If you are purchasing a headphone within a proper package from some popular brand then there are more chances of high-quality accessories. You can take it from Yamaha and many other brands that are mentioned in the list.

The major point of buying the guitar bundles is to have all the necessary accessories. There is no need to buy the bundle if you are not getting good quality products. you should don’t waste your money if you are not getting anything that you expect. Moreover, you can read reviews om their website. furthermore, if you are still not satisfied then you can comment problem and they will reply comment in seconds.

Types of Wood

Always look for good quality whenever buying a guitar. The most used woods for making classical guitars are spruce and cedar. Moreover, you should have a basic knowledge of the wood and which type of sound it produces. The wood affects the production of sounds. Furthermore, each guitar wood is responsible for producing different and unique sounds.

In addition, the durability of your guitar also depends on the type of wood used for making the guitar. The guitar will be more durable and can be used for many years if it is made from solid or hardwoods. Every single wood provides the guitar player with a different learning experience. Moreover, the spruce and maple woods give a user a more hollow sounding. On the other hand, the woods like mahogany and rosewood produce very different sounds than maple and spruce. These woods are thicker when compared with all the other woods

Nylon Strings

There are basically two types of guitar strings that are most used in guitars. You can either choose electric or acoustic guitar strings.  Most importantly check the quality of the strings. If the string is of good built quality then the guitar will work for many years.

Moreover, read the proper explanation of the guitar whenever you are buying the guitar. After reading the description you will know that which types of strings are used in the guitar. This will help you to know what strings you will be used in the guitar. After doing some of the proper searches you will have an idea which guitar you should buy.

A common problem with purchasing nylon string guitars from different sellers is that the guitar is usually good in quality. However, the provided strings with them are of the worst quality. When the strings would be not good then it will affect the sounds produced.

What Classical guitar is best on a Budget?

There are many different amazing choices when it comes to purchasing quality classical guitars under $500. One of the best choices is e Yamaha CG182C. If you are searching for a quality instrument that delivers good value-for-money, then the Yamaha Classical Guitar is a great option.

Not only does it have tonewood tops to select from, both cedar and spruce, but it’s also an attractive looking guitar that features a unique design. searching for an authentic classical guitar that provides quality sound and affordable pricing is a tough task to perform, but Yamaha has created it possible with this guitar. which is why it’s so famous not just with us but with many satisfied guitar players around the world..

Can You Get Classical Guitars For Small Hands?

For all those who have small hands and they are worried about how they will use the guitar. The guitars for the smaller hands are also available in the marketplace. Always search the word of the slim or narrow neck while searching on the Amazone you will get the results of those guitars that can be used by the small hands.

The children of the people with small hands can use the guitars with slim necks because these are so easy to play with. These are mostly composed of rosewood fretboards by which the children can easily press the frets.

You may also need to select a guitar that is 3/4 in size, which is specifically helpful if you don’t just have small hands but also a tiny frame. A 3/4 guitar will still give you the expect volume and tone as a bigger version guitars. Smaller size guitars are not heavy thus are easy to manage.

If it’s possible to borrow a guitar of this full size guitar to experiment with it, then it’s recommended, as we think you’ll then see just how good the quality is when compared with a larger version. One thing that’s also important to remember, is that you should always be comfortable when playing the guitar, as this is the best way to make the most of it, so if you do have small hands, don’t settle for a guitar that’s too large for you. Instead, simply purchase one that has a slim or narrow neck and perhaps a 3/4 body too.


In this article we have e explained all those acoustic guitars that are the best choice under 300. The most important thing is your learning. Go for the proper practice sessions given by the classical players musicians. You can have any one of these guitars from a guitar shop on market. These are some more expensive guitars with guitar stand but we will not recommend these as you are beginner. Most of The guitar offers solid cedar top, rosewood fingerboard with mahogany back and sides.

Whenever buying a guitar do your propr research and for more info, you can visit their official website. Finally, the choice is yours so choose wisely.


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