Best Acoustic Guitars Under 1000

Best Acoustic Guitars Under 1000

The guitar world creates by its audience! It’s heaven with artistic melody, with an elegant and romantic resonance that brings humidity, peace, and music in the lives of listeners and the musician. the beauty of the music is the guitars and the fingerstyle that pick the strings creates vibrations and result in the elegant concord we listen to and can feel.

The music world is now growing so faster that a lot of musicians are here on social media profiles, youtube, music channels, there is a huge competition. Everyone wants innovation, they want to listen to more and more innovative and new things and music, Players are showing extras for fame, for success.

So! if the listeners want some more variations, the players need to play anything in comparison with new ideas, new instruments, new beats. They enhance their fingerstyle on the string for the magical result. That magical beat comes from the best guitars that we review for you and after research, we found some best acoustic guitars for you.

While we were researching we found many of the categories of acoustic guitars like 6 string Acoustic guitars, 12 strings acoustic guitars, acoustic-electric guitar, Left-handed Acoustic guitars, in short, there are many many guitars to buy. The guitar marketplace has a huge variety to sell with many of the qualities like mahogany neck, source top, back, and sides manufactured with solid wood. Price range matters when we talk about the best acoustic guitars they are really very expensive to buy. But what about the beginners! they are not payable in the price range of more than $500 to $1000.

Did you Know?

Music is one of the most delightful things that has a magical effect on the listeners and acoustic guitars are the most played instrument by musicians and other ordinary people. More and more people are picking up this instrument day by day but the bad part of the story is that many of the people are picking up the wrong industry with many expensive prices. Especially the beginners who are learning and want to start learning, unfortunately, they bought the faulty industry that create frustration for their lessons and their playing abilities.

Learning acoustic guitars is a very interesting hobby for younger, music is always the good choice for everyone, there is no other sound that is better than the acoustic guitar, Acoustic guitar is one of the most incredible sound creators. Beginner situations can be more frustrating when they see an acoustic guitar with higher demand and a higher price tag. Really a frustrating and upsetting situation when you want to buy, your passion inner you is going to die but you can’t do anything.

But the good news for you is this, we have researched many of the guitars and find out some solutions for you. we found some of the guitars with the high quality and within the price range even for a beginner also. you should be happy we have done our complete homework for your ease to help you fine-tune your passion. we have found the best acoustic guitars under 1000.

Find out here Best Acoustic Guitars under 1000

We ascertained many of the Acoustic guitars that are reasonable in price range and good in quality, manufacturing, their strings, and their back and sides are manufactured very durably and elegant. Let’s have a look along with us for the 10 best acoustic guitars under 1000! Table of contents

  1. Taylor 114ce 100 Series
  2. Seagull S6
  3. Taylor 214ce 200 Series
  4. Martin LX1E
  5. Blueridge BR-163CE
  6. Washburn WD10
  7.  Taylor GS Mini
  8. Blueridge BR-160
  9. Yamaha FG730S
  10. Yamaha FG850

Let’s take a detailed review of all the product why we like that and why we select for you the product.

Taylor 114ce 100 Series

One of the excellent quality instruments of the top industry with beautiful design and making. The solid wood used to make this acoustic guitar. Its appearance and body shapes are so cool a mixture of classical look appeared and the maker used the best wood and nut while manufacturing the walnut and the solid Sitka spruce top both planks of wood and nut are famous to produce beautiful tones. Its neck very thin to easy to hold and wide fretboard to play slightly.

The budget price range of the models guitar under 1000 dollars that are very favorable for the guitar player. The Tylor 114ce is the best example of professional guitars from the well-known industry within the price range. When we talk about its material its hardware is manufactured of Sitka spruce top and walnut wood guitar.

Wood is one of the basic elements to produce a sound while playing the guitar. Both of the woods that are used in the manufacturing of Tylor sound pure and smooth sound that every single string movement can be seen and feel. Another best thing is that the Taylor 114ce 100 series made for users its specifications are made just to see the users specs with the extra gig bag.

Its neck and fretboard are very thin to hold and are very easy to transition from string to string and chord to chord with good ratings. Taylor gs series guitars can be the best choice for anyone due to the combination to fingerpick their strings.


  1. Made with two kinds of Sitka and walnut, both of the woods and nut are known for the smooth and beautiful tones.
  2. Its classical appearance and Tylor look with satin finish gives a beautiful and elegant crafted originally and upgrade its beauty.
  3. The thin c profile neck and fretboard of Tylor the series guitar make its transition much easier for beginner guitar players also.

Seagull S6

Seagull S6 one of the famous acoustic guitars under 1000. Seagull is a popular brand that always manufactured very excellent hardware models for its customers. Seagull S6 series instruments have many of the qualities in their making fender. Its neck, fretboard, and strings, and body style look very elegant and classy. One of the best specs is that they manufacture it in different colors. variety of colors and EQ built creates an influence on the players and listeners.

Tapered Headstock helps the instrument to play for a long time and in tune much longer and it also helps from distorting the sounds and volume and breaking and change the strings. You can easily focus on the playing of the next song instead of worrying about the tune drop.

Seagull artist mosaic Made up with solid wood and Indian rosewood, a combination of Indian rosewood sides and Sitka solid wood produce a slight, soft, and romantic sound and volume. and of course, it is designed in different colors like tennessee red and black also that maks perfect guild guitars the artist mosaic.


  1. seagull s6 acoustic guitar has a tapered headstock that helps it to in tune without damaging and change the strings.
  2. A well-known brand that always manufactured the best instruments with high ratings.
  3. A wide variety of colors designed with gig bag.

Taylor 214ce 200 Series

Tylor series! made up with solid Sitka spruce back very durable fender and beautiful sound and volume because of the spruce top with street price. Very well-known brand cedar top, split saddle, and richlite neck. This acoustic guitar with the new additions in Tylor’s instrument that value your guitar concert. the solid mahogany neck profile and strumming chords.

Solid woods are the way to go with an acoustic guitar. This instrument is made of solid Sitka spruce on the back & sides with rosewood to produce audio and visually guitar concert the best concerts. Moreover, it comes with batteries included, it is because it has a system that creates a vibrant sound so it needs batteries to play your desired project.


  1. Guitar Manufactured with solid Sitka spruce that produces a rich sound premium durable
  2. Rosewood used for a perfect design in this series
  3. Batteries are used for vibrant sound and built in tuner.

Martin LX1E

Martin LX1E acoustic guitar produces a rich and bright tone fender because of its manufacturing of the best material. Martin is another well-known brand in the guitar industry. Very trusted by the guitar players and they prove they are trustworthy by their instrument manufacturing. Their Guitars are the best guitars with many of the features including material, sound, and design and strumming chords.

Making of martin with the Mahogany and spruce creates a combination of the durable and best sound. Its mahogany neck and spruce top, mahogany neck help to hold it easy and produce rich tones, and spruce top and body style of guitar keep its durability premium.

Martin LX1E guitar has special electronics that help you to play easily rich tones mids and much higher audio level music. So if you are looking to move forward in the world of guitars then you have the best choice is the martin mahogany neck, and mahogany back and sides with the spruce top body is best option to move forward to martin drs2.


  1. Solid Mahogany and spruce are always the best combinations for a rich tone.
  2. The special electronics in this guitar amazingly affect its performance like breedlove guitar.
  3. Ed Sheeran also uses Martin LX1E guitar that looks so cool to addition.

Blueridge BR-163CE

This is another instrument! everything you want is here for the musician with laminate top fender. beautiful design, maple neck, user can find the beautiful making from nut, rich sound and volume, strumming chords, and nut they use to make it. That gives everything to guitar playrs.

Generally music genres need the guitars with specifications that it should be under the budget warmth, its making designing should be beautiful, it can play solo or together with Breedlove and warranty.

Simply all the specifications you want in your instrument are here. The string acoustic guitar you name it Blueridge BR 163CE is a Mexico guitar industry and most popular acoustic guitar brands.

Made with Sitka Spruce & Indian Rosewood to make most appealing guitar with string height and beautiful frets in addition. This guitar is bridge between guitar players and the song project to complete it with the desire.

It has an on board tuner that make it more easier to tune, its nylon string makes a classical tune in deal with pickups. this type of guitar is best in its durability, neck joint with frets and truss rod creat notes in recording studio the best ever tunes. Fact is Premium guitar’s some runners are expensive so you to hold it mostly in the gig bag. While ratings of all the guitars this guitar is the piece of the art from history.


  1. The combination of spruce and Indian rosewood i s very special for tuning.
  2. Its on board tunners makes it more easy to tune
  3. Its headstock design upgrade it to the notes with high ratings.

Washburn WD10

Washburn WD10 classic looking acoustic guitar, mahogany neck and solid wood used in its manufacturing. Its solid spruce top make it more beautiful with mahogany neck are very reliable features.

It has a slight title headstock that just work to prevent the fretbuzz and hold it to tune system, One of the most fancy piece with rosewood fingerboard, mahogany back and sides are the part of best system of solid wood.

Spruce and mahogany are always are the beautiful combination for making. Solid spruce top and solid mahogany always makes the sound and tune rich es b. The system of solid mahogany makes a bridge among the rich tune and tuner that value to makes the beautiful tune within the price you want with gig bag.


  1. The price is according to your desire
  2. Titled headstock comes that tunes your instrument much longer
  3. Classical look for the players who don’t want fancy look.

Blueridge BR-160

Instrument is that wich value your work. That looks beautiful paly beautifully its sound value, soundhole rosette, making quality, fender paramount pm, dreadnought shape, tusq quality, ebony fretboard value it as acoustics all the qualities you need are here in the list of blueridge sweet spot.

Its beautiful construction mahogany hardware lead lines in the article. Its wood design, bridge pins and construction of ibanez gives you money back with its menu package of the Industry.

You must be wonder with the armrest of tuners while they tune it undersaddle pickup at themarket place at the time of purchase the price is also very reasonable.

The guitar makers setup it with beautiful; design, fingerboard, bass notes, strummer, its looks and size, guitar straps, necks, pickguard more dreadnought design are perfect. Manufacturers makes their guitar collection with the size according to the highs saddle terms that anyone can tune.

Its wide fretboard and dreadnoughts body make a bridge to close the distance among the tuners and project ol. None of the piece have rating terms can give anyone. Majority of tuners have choice to pickup the high performance, note definition with the good hardware to way through dreadnought acoustics. Epiphone is also a great choice for check price on.


  1. Some of the most purchased guitar with Dreadnought body.
  2. Wider fret board fender that makes it to play
  3. Made of Sitka Spruce, mahogany, and Indian rosewood bridge value your cintent.

Yamaha FG730S

Yamaha is another very popular and classy company in the world or music. They are manufacturing their best goods with reasonable price and with the best woods and electronics goods. Beautiful designs and finish. They always maintain their customers satisfaction rating and make the electronics and other fender paramount pm quality goods.

It has narrow rosewood fretboard in the list are very high hardware. The quality goods list is the best option of Yamaha. We see they are making the list of narrow fretboard and it is very challenging to any player to fingerpick the on wide fretboard they can be confuse and they have to extend their hands for picking up the strings.

Made up with spruce and rosewood the combination of valued sound and quality tune. This combination of material creates a sound that makes you song the perfect quality and tune you want.


  1. Made up with spruce and rosewood a combination of quality sound
  2. Narrow fretboard of Yamaha is perfect for picking the strings
  3. It is one the most loveable and trustworthy constructions with the best price

Yamaha FG850

Again Yamaha the best hardware guitar company of dreadnought body and best performance. When you are conscious about the performance of tune and sound and beat you need to go towards the Yamaha for best performance and to make the things more easier to you.

It will always be a good idea to buy the guitar with kits because when you buy the kits and accessories you lost many and it is a headache for you to buy it one by one. so yamaha gives you the market to buy the kit.

Made with solid mahogany creates its market more strong in the worlds best guitars. they are the best sellers with the best prices in all over the world while serving ebony the best product to satisfy the customers.


  1. Made up with mahogany solidwood the best material used for making
  2. Includes kits while buying the terms
  3. The dreadnought body style is perfect for the lovers.

Taylor GS Mini

It is the perfect example of TNT in smal packaging. The smaller guitars and easy to hold is the best quality of the goods.

Small guitar for short hand and arm people is very easy to hold and play. Tylor introduces these for short people specifically. Thier name are their recognition of best goods. So this guitar is easy to play with smaller bodies for smaller bodies.

It is made up wiy=th the full mahogany that is the best material for making the guitar. A solid and durable small guitar and if you see the sound and tune that is also perfect and rich while you play it for long time.


  1. Small body guitar for small bodies short hand and arms people.
  2. Made up with mahonagy that makes it durable and perfct
  3. Awidrr neck make it to play easier while to play chords cannot be miss.

Choosing the Right Acoustic Guitar (Buying Guide)

The selection of an Acoustic guitar can become very frustrating for the guitarists. Knowing about the size, structure, design can be very helpful for you to buy but the question occurs” where to begin”? Guitar’s all components like body, frets, size, strings, fretboard have a great influence on its tone, tune, beat, and sound. Then where to start?

Let us tell you the fact! two most important Features while selecting the guitar

  1. The Quality of sound
  2. The playability

These two forms are sure to affect the playing at the moment but also influence the practice. like you bought a guitar without any research for even its construction, it can be a headache for you trust me. whenever you will practice you will find a lot of soundholes, beat missing, and improper tone and you feel a money waste feeling for you.

After much research, we are helping you with this article and guide to buying an Acoustic guitar. So! let’s start with the answer to the question of where to begin? let’s begin with the most important feature.

Body Styles and shapes

While you are playing the guitar its body has a great influence on its sound, frets, beat, and tone, and also guitar player comfortability matters a lot. As a general rule, the bigger body has a deeper and richer sound, so finding the right shape is also very important. The following body shape will give you the kind of knowledge about the body shape features of the guitar.


Mammoth soundboard and deep hollow body dreadnought! the dreadnought body style is very popular. This shape is known for its big, driving sound adaptable versatile for many music kinds and features. This body style first time introduced by the Martin company. Dreadnought most peculiar features include their frets, square bouts, wide waists, and 14-fret above the body necks.

As dreadnought is large in size so it benefits from the rich and colorful sound that fits in every environment. With the combination of the large body, it features slight and comfortable playability.

Round-shoulder Dreadnoughts

As the name mentioned the main differ in this shape and dreadnought guitar is the differ of shoulders. Its body and frets near to the bottom of the neck helps to balance the tone with its smooth rounded figure features of the dreadnought.


This body shape is known as the ” cowboy’s guitar. The length of the lower matches is significantly longer than the upper bouts. While you are playing when sitting down these two lengths play comfortably and feel tighter its deep, “bass sound” quality will make the wait rewarding.


The Auditorium guitar shape features produce a deep, resonant tone comparable to the classic dreadnought. This mid-sized guitar focused on easy playability and comes in the best acoustic guitar category with its skinner’s waist of frets.

Grand Auditorium

This guitar body shape and frets has a wider lower bout round about 16 inches. It maintains the luscious and deep sound. If you want more easy and slight back-sides then you should definitely switch to the grand auditorium.

Concert and Grand Concert

For the Guitar players who are in search of an instrument that is small-sized a concert is according to your needs and desires. When we see the tone the concert guitars give a brighter sound in its mid-range. Likewise, the grand concert is also in the mid-range and gives a brighter tone of best acoustic guitar under 1000.

Travel and Mini-Acoustics

If you just want to buy a guitar for the sake of playing within the budget, this is one of the acoustic travel guitar for guitar under 1000 dollars. Generally, these are made for kids because of their small size, Very durable, and convenience referred to as backpackers for their build quality like Taylor gs mini guitar.


Parlor guitars feature as the best acoustic guitar under 1000 with its small and street price in the range. Small round bout and more deficient width, this guitar fuses portability and playability without sacrificing tone quality.

Neck Profile Studies

The neck of the guitar is one of the main parts of the guitar that has an inclusive impact on the guitar’s making, holding, playability. While making the neck is usually attached to the body that is known as set neck profile, handmade and making with solid sapele Acoustic-electric guitars are mostly manufactured in this way.

Fretboard! top layer of the wood that contains small metal strips indicates different musical notes. Twelve musical notes are playable on the fretboard.

The headstock is a wooden square top that contains six tuners and allows the player to modify the strings, these plugs are made of metal and are used to loosen and tighten the strings. Neck has different shapes like C-shape, U-Shape, and V-Shape. Most guitar players like C- shaped neck. If you are getting started on the guitar then getting the right size neck is very very important.

Acoustic vs. Acoustic-Electric Guitar

What is the difference between Acoustic and Acoustic-electric guitar? There is no important difference between them. The only difference is there that acoustic-electric plugs into the amplifier. Basically, the acoustic-electric guitar contains a pickup system that pick up the signals and interprets them into the amplification of electronics system.

Sometimes acoustic guitar players spend in what’s known as a magnetic pickup that manually associates to your soundhole. Some other features also include bass response, volume, and treble side.

Impact on Sound

There are a lot of factors that influence the sound and tone of your guitar. It can be the strings, back, and sides, top, size, and body. All the factors have an impact on the sound. Here are some for your knowledge


A guitar cutaways are the part of the guitar that is made on the upper bout of the body. It allows the guitarists to play and fret the guitar easily. While playing electric guitar this feature is most beneficial.


The tops has also a huge impact on the sound. In combination with the material the tops made of solid sapele also influence tone. A solid top uses two single-ply pieces of material with matching grins in the middle that sounds resonates. On the other side, laminate tops are made with many of the woods pressed together, which sounds different. Guitarists who are looking for a guitar on a budget they will found the laminate tops best for their sound in budget.


Nylon and steel strings are the two main strings that are used in the making of the guitar, phosphor bronze strings are another type. The sound of both of the strings is different. Although I also depend on the manufacturing and fingerstyle to move on the strings.

Nylon strings are easier to play more than steel strings. They have a soft and mellower style of sound that brings happiness and peace to your soul. If you want a brighter and punchier tone then you should go to steel string, a little bit difficult to play at once. But this sound also so beautiful for the listeners and the players.


The wood that is used on the tops and back and sides have a heavy effect on the sound. A list of the different tonewoods are given below


This is used mostly for classical and flamenco-style playing. It produces soft, slight, and brighter tonewood for the players.


Mexican softwood provides a brighter tone for listeners and players, Normally used for back and sides manufacturing.


Normally used for the neck and fretboard, it is also a softwood that is used to manufacturing the neck and for up and down to the neck.


It is a particular type of rosewood that is used to manufacture the back and side and produces a crisp tone.


This is one of the luxury and expensive Hawaiian wood. Because of expensive, it is not used commonly. Used to manufacturing the top, back, and sides and produces gorgeous sound.

Mahogany Body

This is normally used to make neck and top also mahogany back and sides. This is known as the top wood of the place and plays a very slight and smooth sound.


This is generally used for dry sound and its wood is very special for manufacturing neck cutaway.


It is a material that is similar to rosewood. its rosewood fingerboard is very elegant and produces soft, slight, and romantic music.


Rosewood is normally used to manufacture fingerboard. Rosewood fretboard sound quality is very very good and famous for its rich tone.

solid Sapele

Produces rich, smooth, and treble sound, Solid sapele is known as African wood like mahogany used to make fingerboard, back, and sides.


A very special and crisp top wood famous as standard tonewood. used to manufacture the solid spruce top sounds slight, rich, and built-in tuner.


The very different and luxury tone that is used to manufacture the back and sides, fretboard for the back and sides. It is wood-like mahogany with very luxurious and beautiful sounds that carry so far to listeners and for acoustic resonance enhancement.


Accessories are not the essentials for the players to buy with guitar. But these are the parts that enhance your playability and make you a high-performance taper. Many of the online guitar sellers are selling these accessories along with the instrument. Let’s read a little about some of these accessories to take some knowledge.


Picks are the little device made with plastic that looks very flat and shape like a triangle with two rounded corners. This helps to pluck the strings of the guitar while playing. A pick allows you to play a tune with a vibrate of strings from the many of the start instead of playing with fingers.

Martin Guitar

Best martin guitar are the famous and reasonable in the price range. Very easy to play with it, wider fretboard and making is also with the materials that are the solid and durable. So you can play it with much longer you desired things while fame will be yours.

Best Taylor Guitar

Tylor is another famous and best series for the guitars in the world. You can buy it for its many of the qualities and specifications like broad neck, its designing, making and finish. As the name of the company shows these are the best guitars product in the market to make.

Tylor have the spec to make a series of the product that are easy to buy within the budget and prices are also under 1000 dollars. They focus on their sizes, designs, colors and miking like neck, fretboard, body and sides and many of the other aspects.

Things to Consider When Buying Acoustic Guitar

When you are choosing an acoustic guitar under 1000 you need to know some of the points which we are describing as an extra tip to you. When you are going to buy an acoustic guitar you must know

  1. Wood! You need to know it’s manufacturing wood while making which material they use to make it. because instead of durability have a great impact on the tone and sound which it produces.
  2. Neck! Make sure you are going to buy a guitar that is easy to hold and slight to move your fingers on its strings. It affects the guitar player’s playability and handles its movement and tone play.
  3. Body shape meant to be a lot, If you have short arms or your fingers and also your hands then what you guys will do? No doubt very large acoustic guitar can demolish the experience of users. Of course, you need to consider the body shape, sides, and style which is perfect for your ease so that you can play it very maturely.
  4. Choose a Fretboard according to your finger pick of strings. Many users and musicians like narrow fretboard acoustic guitar and feel easy to play it because its strings are closer so that your hands can not be much stretch but on a wider fretboard the guitarist must stretch their hands to play it. In our point of view, the wider fretboard is much easy to play for guitarists.
  5. Select a brand wisely! Many of the brands making guitars for guitarists. You need to select the bindustry after proper research because many are selling their product very cheap but their sound, tone, strings, wood, designs, making, and finishing are not good enough to play hand. So! be very careful about the Brands.


Many of the guitar comnapnies and names are here in the marketplace who are cutting their price just to sale their goods and increase the profit margin. We research a lot for the great giuitars and find out some of the good products for you to buy within the perfect price range . You can search their price on amazon or on chrome. Amazon is the one of the great seller marketplace site in all the sites where you can buy any guitar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which American Made Acoustic Guitars Under 1000 are best?

Ovation Standard Elite 2778AX models, PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Angelus A55E, Taylor GS Mini-e Solid Koa Top, Martin LX1E Little Martin, Guild d 150 models.

Best Solid Wood Acoustic Guitar Under 1000?

Ovation Standard Elite 2778AX is the best Acoustic guitar and also  Yamaha FG850 is made of pure mahogany and seagull artist mosaic models

What is the best inexpensive acoustic guitar?

Taylor GS Mini Mahogany, Guild d 150, Taylor GS Mini Mahogany, Yamaha CSF1M, Taylor Academy Series Academy 12e-N Grand Concert Nylon Acoustic Guitar.

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