10 Best Acoustic Guitar under 100

10 Best Acoustic Guitar under 100

In this article, we are going to explain the Best acoustic guitar under 100 dollars. The beginners who have just entered into music world the finding the perfect guitar in cheap guitars range is such a difficult task.

Moreover, they are often too confused not knowing which are the best acoustic guitar under 100 that result in either not worth the money spent or just a bad-quality instrument.

Beginners on a budget will find these guitars to be more than good for providing comfort, playability, reliability, and sounds.

Furthermore, These cheap acoustic guitars models are far from being considered cheap. If your spending limit is $100, then choose the balanced best acoustic guitar from these affordable acoustics.

List of Best Acoustic Guitar Under 100 dollars

We are going to review some of the acoustic instrument. keep in mind these best cheap acoustic guitars cannot b compared with other high price guitars However, the quality, sound quality, and cost of these intermediate guitar are absolutely amazing.

  • Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar
  • Kona K391-HSB Parlor Acoustic Guitar
  • Artall Acoustic Matte Sunset Cutaway Guitar
  • Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
  • Squier by Fender SA-150 Acoustic Guitar
  • Jameson Acoustic Electric Cutaway Guitar
  • Ibanez Talman TCY10 Electro guitar
  • Yamaha FG800 Solid Top Guitar

Squier by Fender SA-150 Acoustic Guitar

Squire is one of the cheap guitar of a very popular brand of the company named Fender. Based on design The fender made the Squier SA-150 is a full-size steel-string acoustic guitar with a dreadnought design.

Moreover, this dreadnought design is one of the most known bright designs for intermediate guitar tuner in budget.

Most importantly it is best used for beginner guitar player or traveling musician because of its robust design. Furthermore, they are made with excellent quality so they are very bang bank guitar.

The other advantage of these cheap guitars is their slim neck, which makes it easier and much more comfortable for kids fingers.

which is a very important bass last update specifically at the initial stage of your musical journey for children. Don’t let them make you fool carefully check the guitar volume.


  • Top:  Linden wood
  • Back and sides:  Mahogany back and sides
  • Material:  dark-stained maple
  • Bracing:  scalloped bracing
  • Neck:  Mahogany
  • Bridge:  Hardtail bridge
  • Tuners:  Die-cast chrome digital tuner
  • Body finish:  Natural finish


  • Perfect for beginners because of the slim play black abs neck shape that is easy to play guitar.
  • Steel string acoustic guitars are cultural in folk, country, and bright blues
  • Designed by famous Fender one of the most reliable and popular names in the musical instrument industry
  • The traditional dreadnought Body shape board gives an excellent balanced tone and product dimensions that you can hear while playing


  • Dynamic playability with better sound quality.
  • Affordable in price.
  • Involves a rock polishing cloth.
  • It provides an extra set.
  • A DVD is there for you to have instruction as a new starting


  • The stand doesn’t have better quality

As for this acoustic guitar strap produces the tone that is very full and vibrant tone tone that has a very nice end and maximum brightness to produce sound quality like a expensive guitar and at a very affordable price.

Jameson Acoustic Electric Cutaway Guitar

The Jameson guitar is a full-size steel-string acoustics electric guitar epiphone. Moreover, This beautiful guitar strap is available with a single cutaway which makes it possible to play on higher intonation on the fretboard spruce,

however, it also gives a very soft and nice touch to the design that does not break.

Furthermore, The playability of the guitar is really perfect because of the 3″ thin line body in budget.


  • Spruce Top:  Solid Spruce
  • Back and sides:  Nato back and sides
  • Fretboard Material:  Rosewood tuners
  • Bracing:  Scalloped bracing
  • Neck:  Maple
  • Bridge:  Rosewood
  • Tuners:  Diecast enclosed e tuner
  • Body finish:  High gloss red burst finish
  • Electronics:  Onboard pickup

The sound for a thin line guitar in this low price type is unconditionally good. Moreover, It has a nice bright tone.

However, it does not provide a great deal of lower end, but still, there is enough bass to create the total sound good.


  • Play or plugged in!
  • Full Size Guitar with Thin line Body
  • Free Gig guitar Bag & Guitar Picks
  • Built-In EQ High Gloss Finish & rock Solid Neck

In addition, this guitar is electric and is produced with a built-in quality with volume and tone control. This guitar is a real beauty when constructed.

  • Price
  • Full size
  • Built-in EQ and save stock pick holder
  • High Gloss Dark Blueburst Finish
  • Includes freebies and fingerboard
  • Some quality control problems

Jasmine S35 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

It is one of the popular branches of Takamine guitars that is mention and it is available in affordable range.

Moreover, Takamine is a well-known Japanese jasmine guitar producer that is popular for the quality of their acoustic guitars.

Furthermore, No doubt, the Jasmine S35 is one of the best most affordable acoustic guitars you will search for in the market for its appearance.


  • Spruce Top:  select Spruce
  • Back and sides:  sapele Back and sides Laminated Nato.
  • Fretboard Material:  Rosewood bracing
  • Bracing:  Jasmine Advanced X Bracing
  • Neck:  Nato
  • Bridge:  Rosewood fingerboard
  • Tuners:  Covered tuners
  • Body finish:  handsome Satin finishing

In addition, The jasmine S35 has a dreadnought body shape and is made out of spruce and nato material, which is very similar in composition to mahogany and has similar properties with Sapele.

Moreover, bracing Mahogany is one of the best and most used woods, so it is definitely a nice plus.

As for tone, the Jasmine S35 has a very nice warm tone, a bit darker than most but with a very nice low end that makes it a great beginner acoustic guitar.


  • Jasmine Provides a Spruce Top
  • Laminated Nato Sapele back & sides.
  • Satin Finish
  • Chrome covered Tuning Machines with pick holder
  • Rosewood Fretboard


  • fantastic workmanship for a budget acoustic
  • Resonance and bright rosewood bracing
  • Good tuning stability


  • Not the best factory-installed extra strings
  • String action too high for some players

Moreover, the jasmine in its structure, its sides and back are created from agathis material. The slim nato neck is top with a clear rosewood fingerboard.

Furthermore, decent jasmine bridge is also composed of rosewood while the nut and saddle are composed of artificial bone.

In addition, The jasmine guitar is also available with chrome wrapped tuners that are adjustable and maintain the extra set of strings in tune fingerboard.

The clear satin finish makes the wood vibrate naturally, making the sound shine through.

Kona K391-HSB Parlor Guitar

This acosutic guitar one is a bit different than all the other guitars. Moreover, The difference is due to the Kona K391-HSB is a parlor sized guitar, that shows that it has a smaller body than the typical dreadnought guitar.

This parlor guitar is most suitable and recommended to those who are beginner guitar player.


  • Top:  laminate Spruce
  • Back and sides: Linden back and sides.
  • Neck: Hardwood
  • Bridge: Hardtail bridge
  • Body finish: Honey burst
  • Product dimensions: 40.2 x 15 x 4.4 inches
  • Fretboard Material: Mahogany Fretboard Material

Moreover, as it is smaller in size and there are obvious changes in its size , the major point of this polar guitar is that size matters and affects the tone.

Furthermore, the tone is of mid-range with a reduced number of the amp end.

Moreover, you will notice that this smaller size is not a positive point however, its size makes it a fantastic guitar for finger style playing and it is attached with blues and folk music.

If you are a beginner guitar player and are looking for the best acoustic guitars style then the Kona K391-HSB is the best option.

In addition, it is one of the cheap acoustic guitar that is mostly recommended.


  • Precision enclosed tuners
  • Rich sound
  • 10-year warranty
  • Price
  • 4-ply body binding
  • Piezo Pick-up and style
  • Gold die-cast tuners
  • D’Addario strings
  • Quality control issues

In the end, The Kona K2 is a great option for those who want changes and transition from electric guitar epiphone to acoustic guitar. Moreover, those who have more interest in the electric guitar model.

Gibson Maestro

The Gibson maestro guitar is created by Gibson Innovations. These are most popular for producing electronic devices.

Moreover, this guitar is a played design based on the traditional Gibson Guitar playing designs. Furthermore, The Maestro dreadnought provides a natural laminated spruce top.


  • Brand/Model:  Maestro by Gibson MA41
  • Number of Strings:  6
  • Fretboard Material: eastern Mahogany Fretboard Material
  • Body Material:  Kauri/sitka Spruce top
  • Neck Material:  Maple back and sides
  • Fretboard Material:  Rosewood
  • Price Range:  Under $100
  • Our Rating:  10/10

Moreover, You can also select spruce top and For the back and all the different sides, Gibson used solid wood. Kauri is the wood that is from the family of genus Agathis.

The tonewood that is used for making the guitar creates a clear and warm sound with good music note disconnection and sustain.

This guitar with its full-size dreadnought shape, provides a clear sound that can be compared with other guitars on a higher price range.


  • played with Good tuning stability and style
  • Affordable guitar package with accessories
  • Easy to play


  • Factory-installed strings not that good
  • Not recommended for combination of recording, performance, or professional work plays

Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Rogue RA-090 guitar is available at a cheaper price with the natural quality is still better than others of a similar price range.

Moreover, if you are looking for some guitar for traveling purposes then this is the most preferred and recommended acoustic guitar.

Rogue RA-090 offers many more properties at this low price. It is perfect for those who want to start playing guitar as it is used to use.


  • 6-string
  • Dreadnought design
  • Whitewood rosewood body
  • 25-3/8″ scale length
  • Nato neck

Moreover, these acoustic guitars under 100 are composed of dreadnought body by using the Whitewood.

Although the White wood is not high-end Quality wood for a guitar still it is very light in weight. This feature of lightweight makes them easier to carry while traveling.


  • Clarity in sound projection
  • Well-balanced tone
  • Light Whitewood body
  • Painted maple wood nato fretboard material
  • Glossy finish and pickguard
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Good features compared to the price


  • Requires continuous tuning
  • Not for mid or long range

As it is not heavy so it ideal for beginners. Moreover, This guitar has been painted with maple fingerboard wood fretboard.

As it uses the maple body finish so it offers excellent sound and rich tone. Furthermore, The sound projection is not as strong as these are high-End guitars.

It transports more loud sound for a Small Room. Most importantly, This is the best sound you can get from A guitar in this price range.

Finally, Rogue RA-090 has a decent sound quality that improves the clarity of the note and adjusts in both strumming and fingerpicking.

Artall Acoustic solid wood Cutaway Guitar

This best acoustic guitar is the perfect instrument for beginner guitar lovers That is basically a low price guitar and perfect for those who have a tight budget.

Moreover, it is composed of basswood fretboard material with extra strings and additional accessories.

Furthermore, This best acoustic guitar provides decent sound quality, and you will this sound will make it more exciting during play this beautiful guitar.


  • elegant Cutaway Appearance: unique cutaway design integrates with luxuriant glossy finish exterior give the guitar peculiar visual perception and promote players artistry.
  • Appropriate Timbers & Melodic Sound: superb handcrafted solid body and brass fret package, appropriate timbers adds the guitar high-quality properties and graceful sound.
  • Including Complete Starter Free Gifts: Gig bag, strings, picks, strap. Free the intermediate players players from feeling breaking due to lack of spare parts.
  • Easy to Be Carried: Black nylon gig bag are suited to simplify the carrying procedure for players to take the guitar anywhere they want.
  • Popular Size (39″): Suitable for the popular beginner guitars over 12 years old with the pocket tight budget, especially the starters or teenagers

In addition, The best acoustic guitars body is handmade and crafted from bass wood. Moreover, it has brass frets, this excellent combination produces a woody intonation tone.

Furthermore, these affordable guitars are great guitar with a perfect and natural finish. sounds It sounds Not only good but also the rosewood bridge texture will feel cool


  • Top Material Type Basswood
  • Body Material Bass wood
  • Back and sides Material Type Basswood
  • Neck Material Type Maple
  • Fretboard Material Type Maple
  • String Material Type Steel
  • Hand Orientation Right
  • Number of Strings 6

The mahogany back and sides cutaway makes this guitar easy to play and a great deal. The ultimate beginner kids will find this feature helpful because it will boost their playing skills and help them to shine.

Moreover, This comfortable guitar is available with a tuner, strings, gig bag, top pick, and a guitar strap.

Furthermore, The guitar makers make this cheap guitar not so huge in size and are bit smaller you can put them in guitar bag without any exception on the body.


  • Handcrafted brass wood body
  • A convenient size for casual playing
  • A full starter kit
  • Easy to tune
  • Lightweight and durable frame


  • Tuning not last longer
  • Strings may get damaged easily

In addition, The neck, fretboard, and bridge are crafted from Maple. The back and sides are composed of maple, maple neck, maple bridge, and maple fingerboard.

Moreover, For this price tag, we can say these materials are acceptable. The distance between the string height and the fretboard is suitable for beginners.

Furthermore, you can read the buying guide on our website.

Overall, this handcrafted acoustic guitar is durable and offers extended hours of playing comfortable.

What to Expect in This Price Range

There are multiple best acoustic guitars that are available in the market choosing one from them is a difficult task.

First of all, don’t expect more in this price range, you can compare the acoustic guitar under 100 with 200 because there will be the dominant difference.

You must keep in mind that you are investing a small amount of money in the guitar industry. However, it doesn’t mean that you will not have all the features.

These guitars include all those features and characteristics that we assume or think that good guitar has with acceptable quality.

Moreover, some of the acoustic guitar that are very good guitar are beyond our expectations. Here we are going to explain some of the major factors by which you should invest.

These qualities in extra cost include

  • Tonewood: Most of them are covered by wood tone in this price range. Moreover, No solid wood is used sometimes in the composition of the neck it is used. However, some manufacturers, give them a different and unique look as they have the normal quality from which the guitars are composed.
  • Quality: all the guitars are used for Entry-level, basic, and beginner. Expect plastic hardware and reduced cosmetic faults. However, it’s never useable in any price range, with the low material maple neck and wrong fitted saddles and nuts.
  • Accessories: Moreover, At this cheap price you will not get any accessories package in this price range, but it’s natural to see your guitar available with some extra goodies. However, guitar picks, instructional DVDs, and maybe nylon strings or gig bag can be expected.
  • Value: Those guitars that are purchased from some popular brand are most reliable and durable. All those guitars that we explained have their own importance and are valuable in some form or another. Complete beginner’s accessories add to the value, and sometimes a guitar made from a reputable company has better quality control than others.

3 Top Tips for New Guitar Owners

If you are a new user of playing guitar and you have bought the cheap acoustic guitar for under $100. However, as a guitar buyer, so you also need to invest in a proper place no matter how small it is but it should be worth it.

Moreover, You can never compare your guitar with the high-end Taylor or Martin guitars because there are many differences in terms of quality, sound, and many others.

However, you can improve your guitar and play better as well as last longer.

Get a guitar case

Whenever you buy an acoustic guitars under 100 sometimes it includes a soft gig bag while some don’t provide it to their users.

However, in case you did not receive the guitar case that basically protects your guitar for durability then you should buy the one case for your guitar.

Moreover, A case will not only prevents your instrument from nicks, dents, and scratches striking but also provide a suitable way to carry your guitar.

In addition, if you live in a place where is more moisture and humidity then you should buy the hardshell case for your guitar that makes the guitar playable. This case protects the guitar from humidity and controls the temperature of the guitar in the case.

Give it a new set of strings

Sometimes the guitar strings in the guitars are missed or are less.

The strings are of different types in which some of the guitar strings are new and gives a clear sound while some others are rusty and they affect the impressive sound too dull.

Moreover, Whenever you feel that you are not comfortable with the present strings and the strings often become hard to play then you should change the strings.

You may choose the guitar string according to the instrument that you are using.

In addition, For steel-string acoustic guitars, it is mostly recommended to use lightweight gauge strings if you’re a beginner because for beginners its very hard to press the fretboard as hard when you’re forming chords.

The steel strings are the best choice products as they create less tension on the slim neck. However, use different strings and see which is the perfect option for you.

Replace plastic parts

The plastic parts especially the plastic nut are present in many budget acoustic guitars.

Moreover, Your guitar sound best when you will replace the plastic with other materials like bone or graphite.

Most of the musicians have given the reviews that guitar gives great playability when plastic is replaced with other low-cost material.

The beginners are motivated to use these guitars for professional use as they are pretty good.

You just have to buy the new strings and your whole guitar will be renewed.

You may have to spend on a new set of strings, replacement parts, and labor, but the expense will be worth it when you receive your guitar and it sounds impressive more like a high-end instrument than a $100 guitar.


There are many different acoustic guitars under 100 dollars that include the dreadnought acoustic guitar, intermediate guitar, electric guitars, and many others that we have mention in our article.

Moreover, there are some of the brand best choice products that offers plenty of features within budget.

Mahogany is the basic material by which the mahogany neck, mahogany body, and mahogany bridge are composed. Moreover, search out which guitar sounds is perfect for you and make a great choice.

After you purchase the acoustic guitars under 100 dollars with the best punch sound quality, you must start learning.

Search your time table and make it a hobby and don’t forget to follow your timetable. Moreover you if you are shy to play in crowd then you can make a video and can post it.


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