Best Acoustic Bass Guitar

Best Acoustic Bass Guitar

If you are a music lover and know how to play the best acoustic bass guitars, you are at the right place. This article is all about the best acoustic bass guitar, which can help you understand the key features, specifications, and how to use it.

You can consider it very significant if you are a beginner and wants to buy an acoustic bass guitar for yourself. This article will provide you with all the major and minor details about the acoustic-electric bass guitar.

There are a lot of models and brands available in the market which you can opt for yourself. You can choose the best acoustic bass guitars along with a famous brand name for yourself very easily.

These acoustic bass models are selected based on their sound, build and overall performance.

Why Are The Acoustic Bass Guitar The Best?

There are many possibilities for this question when you are going to talk about the great acoustic bass guitar. If you have a complete understanding of all these electric instruments, you can select the best bass for yourself, and it can be played very confidently with all comfort.

Many factors contribute to this question’s answer, first of all, its manufacturing brand, its material, its sound quality, its tone controls, frequency range, amplified sound quality, resonant sound, fret buzz, mahogany body and well-balanced tone.

So which would be best for you? For this information, you have to read out the whole article. It has a lot of information in it.

Buying Guide for the Best Acoustic Bass Guitars

It’s great for acoustic gigs.

If you buy an electric bass guitar, that will give you full entertainment and help you develop confidence in your personality.

For gigs, engaging the electric bass guitar into a bass amp is recommended so its low-frequency tones can be heard easily and clearly with enhanced amplification.

This is why most acoustic bass models come with upright and electric bass acoustic instruments.

It can be played unplugged.

Suppose you are a professional bassist and have excellent knowledge about electric bass guitars with mahogany back and sides. A tremendous acoustic bass guitar is a fretless acoustic bass guitar that has an attractive looking bass guitar.

Acoustic basses, rosewood fingerboard and onboard tuner and upright bass are the best musical instruments. Dark violin sunburst and bass players along with most acoustic basses compared to other electric basses.

It has an onboard tuner and a gold-tone Fishman Sonicore pickup, made of maple necks like other excellent bass guitars and many other musical instruments.

It sounds different from an electric bass.

As it is a hollow form inside, an acoustic guitar produces a vastly different sound from one that an electric guitar has. As with six-string acoustic guitars, the combination of tonewoods in an acoustic bass contributes to the character of its sound.

Acoustic basses have a deep, woody grumble that you can feel resonating through the guitar. It’s a sound that can’t be replicated playing electric acoustic bass and rosewood fingerboard.

Playing an acoustic bass can give you a warm, fuzzy feeling that will make you want to play more and more.

It’s beginner-friendly

The most important quality of a guitar is to be user friendly. For a person interested in learning to play bass but doesn’t know how to use it and afford it, this article provides a complete electric bass setup just yet can get started on acoustic bass.

It has the best bass strings along with Fishman Sonicare pickup. In addition, it has the same tuning, so you can learn all the basics without controlling its volumes and tone controls.

It’s convenient for quiet practice, which, as you know, beginners need lots of attention. Although it is lighter in weight, an acoustic bass provides easiness for the new users.

And once you’re able to buy an electric bass, transitioning will be easy.

If you are going to play an electric bass guitar, you have mahogany back and sides for a gig bag. Like that of other acoustic basses, Fender CB 60Sce is the best acoustic bass guitars.

It has the appeal of a classic Acoustic Guitar.

Acoustic guitars have specific mahogany back and sides, along with another acoustic-electric bass guitar. And like six-string acoustic guitars, acoustic bass guitars also come in a wide array of tonewood combinations, fret buzz, built-in tuner, three-band eq, dean eab acoustic, body styles and finishes.

They are adorable to look at, and the overall sound looks like that of short scale basses. Those are just some of why playing guitar and an acoustic-electric bass guitar is a good idea for bass players.

Invest in a bass amp to get the most out of the best acoustic bass guitar you find. It will help you to have good acoustic bass.

Why buy an Acoustic Bass Guitar?

Here you are given many options to choose from when you’re out looking for the best acoustic bass guitar. The main question is here: What use does it have if you already own and play electric bass guitars with volume and tone controls?

There are a lot of reasons why a bassist wants to have an acoustic instrument and bass strings. The bass player and bass strings, along with some electric guitars.

You may have your reasons, some of which may be discussed below. Dean EAB Acoustic playing bass with Taylor guitars and warm sound with very wholesome tone.

Here is the list of the best available bass guitars in 2021, which can warm sound and treble controls to have an excellent bass musical instrument along with CB 60Sce.

Here Are the Best Acoustic Bass Guitars

Fender Kingman V2

Key Features and Specifications

The Kingman V2 has an auditorium shape copied from Fender’s Newporter acoustic guitar, which means that its body is a little smaller than a full-size acoustic-electric bass guitar, and its sculpted cutaway and curves feel great while playing.

As far as the top of the electric guitars is concerned, it is made of solid spruce, along with laminated mahogany used for the sides and back for developing great sound and natural sound as that of another musical instrument.

It has a cool Jazz Bass-shaped headstock which brings out the Fender vibe even more. The mahogany neck is also shaped like a Jazz bass, with a C-shaped profile and a scale length of 30″. The channel is topped with a walnut fretboard and 20 frets.

It has a Fishman pickup and preamp on board to help you plug in and keep up with the band with great acoustic instruments.

With 3-band EQ controls, a tuner, volume, notch, brilliance, and phase controls, it’s undoubtedly one of the most in-depth preamps on any acoustic guitar. It also has pearl dot fingerboard inlays along with a phase switch.

Target Customer

As a target customer concern, the acoustic bass capabilities are beneficial for practising with friends or for use in quieter situations. It is an excellent addition for musicians looking for a unique option to add to their arsenal.

Fender Fa-450CE

Key Features and Specifications

Fender Fa-450CE bass has a mahogany back and sides with a three-shade sunburst maple top, jumbo body shape, soundhole with some attractive cream binding. It has Fishman electronics which are played acoustically having thicker strings which sounds excellent.

The hard mahogany is the tonewood of choice for the neck, and the fingerboard and Fishman preamp, made from Laurel, has 20 pretty good frets. The Tylor GS mini has a dreadnought body with Fender precision along with tone shaping and tonal characteristics.

With the cutaway, the lower parts of the neck are easily accessible. Fishman provides this cool feature of Fender builds quality along with spruce top.

It has the best sound volume, treble, and bass section, tone-shaping options, an excellent pickup system along with a good sound Preamp system and Pa system guitars just like Taylor GS Mni e.

Fishman brand preamp with a 2-band EQ system gives the bass that maximum punch when plugged in. It also has an integrated tuner and a battery strength indicator which is fantastic; it keeps you safe during the gig by using a regular guitar with a preamp system.

Target Customer

This budget-friendly guitar is made great for players who want to try out an acoustic bass or transition from guitar to bass. With the dull sound as that of quality Ibanez, it has many tonal characteristics.

Martin BCPA4

Key Features

This solid acoustic bass features a jumbo style and a great solid sound with a soft J-style cutaway. Wood is used in its manufacturing.

The top is a Sitka spruce top, while the laminated Sapele is on the back and sides. It is of stunning black binding around the top and bottom of the bass, having a quality instrument and bass controls situated onboard preamp.

The neck joins the body at the 17th fret and features a solid ebony fretboard with a nut width of 1.58″ and a total of 23 frets. Aside from the top, the whole bass is satin finished for a smooth feel.

The bass features Fishman F1 Analog electronics and simple volume and tone controls on the upper bout, along with a built-in digital tuner for ease of use on stage.

Its top side fretboard contains a White Corian nut, while the bottom of the bass is fitted with an ebony bridge at the same time.

The headstock is fitted with four Gotoh black sealed tuners which are just excellent. The truss rod on short-scale guitars and travel bass and onboard electronics like Taylor GS Mini e and Leo fender have great value with a budget level model with great tone.

Target Customer

If you are a professional musician alike, the impressive high end feels and tone of the BCPA4 will be very hard to pass up. The Leo fender gave it an excellent instrument like Tylor GS Mini e with good sound quality.

Bottom Line

The Martin BCPA4 is an expensive sound-producing instrument. But it has the best sound quality, onboard eq tone, with standard tuning, which is an editor’s choice, for personal preference for editor’s pick with four strings in one instrument with layered Sapele tone.

EAB (Budget Pick)

Key Specifications

EAB is a guitar with a pretty good Taylor beat deep plugged tones range. It used to produce a loud beat plugged resonance range. The tonewood they used for this bass is spruce on the top and laminated wood on the back and sides.

The quality of the wood is excellent. It has a Fishman Sonicore pickup along with maple neck. It has a glossy black finish which sits well. The build quality of the bass is pretty solid. You can opearte and play on it easily.

It has a set of die-cast machines that are about average compared to models from the same market segment. The saddles price of the Tylor range seem to be synthetic. However, it has excellent build quality and incredible playability other than more expensive models.

There are built-in preamp system pickups for a sort of fun of loud acoustically Tylor. In addition, it comes with a 4-band EQ, including a master sound and volume control. It is often called the bass of editor’s choice.

Target Customer

This is a good choice for beginners and professionals who want to dip their toes in this world of extensive research if you are going to start without spending too much on this great instrument with a large body with comparatively lower frequencies for regular performers.

 Taylor GS Mini-e (Best Mini Bass with the more petite body)

Key Features

Taylor GS Mini-e is an excellent instrument for octave lower with a wide mids amp, which suits everyone’s taste. So you can amuse yourself while playing it just like classic look music other than an electric one.

The tone and top wood used is a solid Sitka spruce for the top, while the back and sides of layered Sapele and a low music amp played. This Sapele shell sounds good as solid wood, with additional perks such as increased resistance to temperature, wear, and other factors.

The Sapele neck contains 20 frets on top of an ebony fretboard. The 23.5″ scale length is 10 inches shorter than the average full-size bass guitar scale.

When it comes to hardware, Taylor’s GS Mini-e packs the usual. It has a set of excellent die-cast chrome tuners, which are pretty standard. On the other end, the bass has a West African ebony bridge.

As for electronics, it has an ESB pickup/preamp combo. It is a simple unit that features basic controls and a built-in chromatic tuner.

There’s only a two-band EQ here, but frankly, that suffices. From a purely practical point of view, the hardware found on this guitar delivers consistency and reliability. You can opearte and play on it easily.

Target Customer

As for its target customer rate is concerned, although, it is a little bit expensive than its jumbo size previous models, which pays extra cost due to delicate strings, but,it is a great bass.

Furthermore, it is not suitable for a Fishman to provide top models discussed in the previous article for beginners. Instruments may warm you up when you are at the low end being unplugged. It has very small sound hole producing very unique sound.

It will provide you amplified quite a bit rich fingers string which can be used for jamming wich rich friends. The scale is short enough for guitarists to feel comfortable and for bassists to enjoy flying around the dinky little fretboard.

It’s great for practice and gigging, easy to carry around. It also provides you with high featured pickups and the best fingers amplification. Although Taylor GS Mini-e is a little bit expensive but it sounds great and have fender build quality.

Bottom Line

As you have a complete understanding of it and expect to have an excellent electric instrument with a rich body style, I think you’re going to have a lot of good times with this instrument. Its maple neck attracts musicians towards itself.

D’Angelico Premier Series Mott

Key Specifications

This is called the King of the basses. The reason behind this is its build quality. Its body consists of a solid Sitka spruce top with laminated mahogany sides and a natural finish, which gives it a Royal look. The Grand Auditorium shape is excellent and has a lot of sounds to provide.

The single-cutaway acoustics are attractive and functional in higher frets, and they are scaled low. The body single-cutaway design gives you access to each of the 20 frets. Its neck is excellent and strongly made out of solid mahogany, and it has a rosewood fretboard.

The headstock has Grover Super-Rotomatic tuners that work perfectly and are of high quality. They are incredible in holding critical retention as well as precision. The Fishman Presys and preamp system is the icing on the cake. You can opearte and play on it easily.

It contains a 3-band EQ, a phase filter, and a chromatic tuner which is helpful. There are not many feedback issues with this bass. The sound it produces is massive but so well balanced that it feels almost surreal as professionals alike.

Target Customer

If you have a low budget income with the least amount of accessories, this is the best bass. This guitar would be a good fit for players of any skill level in this world, arguably along with personal preference.

Takamine GB30CE

Key Features

This acoustic bass has a solid spruce top combined with a solid body structure. The concert body shape has a single-cutaway as that of acoustic strings. The tonewood they went with is proven to be the winning combination. The neck is smooth and made out of mahogany.

The fretboard is made out of rosewood and decorated with white dot inlays. It contains 21 frets, and the finish is glossy. For the bridge, Takamine went with pure Indian rosewood.

As this is an acoustic-electric model, you also have Takamine’s TK40B preamp guitars along with their transducer pickup as that of Tylor GS Mini-e. For the controls, it has a three-band EQ and a gain knob, mid-shift, and bass boost.

Target Customer

For players looking to go into different music skills, this bass is a must-have. The sound you get from it is excellent for unplugged jam sessions to regular gigs with a band.

In addition, it has a budget-friendly price which you can afford easily. You can opearte and play on it in a peaceful mood.

Gold-Tone Mbass25

Key Specifications

The entire body is of mahogany which is an exciting choice. The tonewood chose for the whole body gives the bass a unique sound. Despite this guitar looking relatively simple, the build quality is top of the line.

The neck is of mahogany, and the scale length is 25”. The channel has a beautiful satin finish—the fretboard is of rosewood with 20 frets. The nut is of bone. It has a quality set of die-cast tuners on the headstock and a great bridge/saddle combo on the other end.

They went with a transducer pickup and a preamp. The preamp allows you to adjust volume as well as bass and trebles. This acoustic bass has a spruce top which sounds the best while you play.

Target Customer

This brand is famous for its best values. As a short scale, it is much closer to a standard acoustic guitar making it a tremendous transitioning instrument for guitar players who want to learn bass.

It is also great for practice as the shorter scale is much less taxing on the hands. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for both intermediate players and those with a refined taste. Unfortunately, the market today for beginners pays an additional cost for unplugged amplified style.

Bottom Line

It has a pleasant sound to hear when played in a plug stage amplification. The Gold Tone Mbass25 offers a rich experience in every way.

It delivers the performance that it uses in just about any situation. Although it doesn’t cause any additional cost still it is expensive. You can opearte and play on it easily.

Fender CB60SCE

Key Features

As far as its shape and body is concerned, it has a mahogany back and sides and a solid spruce top, like so many of its 6-string Fender cousins. Again, the single-cutaway design is standard for Fender. The neck is also mahogany made with a scale length of 32, making this a medium scale bass.

The gloss finish of the neck is pretty sweet. The nut is plastic. The headstock houses a set of four die-cast tuning machines that hold intonation quite well.

Bridge and saddle are simple, yet they come well set up right out of the factory. The preamp is Fishman, and the controls include bass, volume, treble, and a built-in tuner. In a way, this choice fits perfectly with the overall vibe of the guitar.

Target Customer

If you are a beginner and starting to learn the bass, this acoustic bass is the one for you. It is a finely tuned instrument that delivers a baseline and more refined performance than many of its competitors.

This acoustic bass is one of the top listed bass guitars in 2021. There are a lot of electric bass and acoustic electric bass guitar which are user frirndly and have affordable price.

Bottom Line

This acoustic bass guitar goes way beyond the “beginner” label in terms of quality and sound. The CB60SCE is easily among the most capable acoustic bass guitars you can get right now.

With this one, you get much more bang for the buck in the range of affordable acoustic bass guitars. But it has an additional cost price other than that of other bass strings.

Ibanez AEB10E

Key Specs and Features

If you are looking for an electric bass guitar other than acoustic basses, it will be an excellent option for you. The concert body design is of a solid spruce top and mahogany sides and back. The finish is a beautiful dark stain burst.

The neck is of mahogany, and it sports pearl inlays, abalone rosette, and pearl binding. Fit and finish are top-notch. Ibanez AEB10E features a great set of lockers and a proper rosewood bridge as the electric bass guitar.

Ibanez turned to Fishman for the electronics. They have chosen a combination of SST preamp and Sonicore pickup for this build. This combo has proved to work well for acoustic-electric bass.

Target Customer

This bass can serve well as a practice instrument, but that would be a waste considering its looks. The sound you get from it can do well in different styles of playing. Both beginner and intermediate players should consider getting this excellent acoustic bass.

It has scaled-down strings, which sound so good when heard. Moreover, it has a plug amplified mix string like Tylor But still have additional cost like Tylor GS Mini-e.

Dean Exotica Quilt Ash

Key Features

The dreadnought shaped body on the Exotica has quilt ash for both the top and the sides. The impressive natural gloss finish makes the bass stand out. It has a set mahogany neck that is very comfortable, thanks to the D shape profile.

The top of the neck sports a rosewood fretboard with 21 frets. The neck is smooth and sleek. As for the hardware, the first thing that stands out is the Dean DMT G05 Preamp and amp system with the under-saddle piezo pickup. It doesn’t have a smaller body.

You get a built-in chromatic tuner and battery indicator with it which is a valuable feature. In addition, Dean-designed sealed die-cast tuning machines with a chrome-plated finish keep the bass in tune. You can opearte and play on it easily.

Target Customer

The Dean Exotica Quilt Ash is a good choice for any bass player looking to add an affordable acoustic to their collection. It works great in an unplugged setting or when playing with a small band. The visuals of this bass are for sure going to turn some heads around.

Bottom Line

The Dean Exotica Quilt Ash Bass is an attractive model with quality features and proves a good competitor in the acoustic bass guitar market.

Dean EAB

Key Specs

This time Dean went for a jumbo shape. The body is of spruce top and mahogany sides and back. The level of detail and build quality are both impressive. The C profile neck is fitted to the body nicely and is of mahogany.

Rosewood fretboard decorated with Pearl dot inlays, and the scale length is 34”, making it an extended scale. There is white binding all around the top as well as the fretboard. It comes with a natural or black finish. Sealed die-cast tuners are spot on, which can also be said about the bridge and saddle.

Dean passive preamp works well, and with the basic controls that come in the form of a volume and treble, the bass is simple to use. Overall, the electronics are pretty decent and reliable.

Target Customer

Whether you’re a beginner looking for a decent starter guitar, or an intermediate player, this acoustic bass is for you. However, it is a little big so keep that in mind. It doesn’t have a long scale body. You can buy it from market at reasonable price.

 Ibanez PNB14E

Key Characteristics

The parlor body shape features of Ibanez is a mixture of Okume and mahogany. This gives Ibanez a unique tone. The bass looks excellent with its natural open-pore finish and is very solid too.

The scale length of Ibanez 24.7”. The neck is of maple sporting a laurel fretboard with 18 frets. The satin finish of the maple neck is smooth. The “open pore” finish of the body creates a more vintage feel, allowing the natural texture of the wood felt.

The bass has an Ibanez AEQ-SP2 preamp and an under-saddle pickup. The saddle and the nutof Ibanez are of plastic, and the tuning machines are chrome die-cast. It has a natural finish with dean EAB sounds.

Target Customer

This compact instrument is ideal for situations such as playing on the couch, outdoors, and more informal occasions. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced player; you will love this thing.

Bottom Line

The quality of features and sound that you get at the price is unreal. The Ibanez PNB14E is a comfortable acoustic short-scale bass made to enjoy playing it as much as possible.

Oscar Schmidt OB100

Key Specs and Features

The Oscar Schmidt OB100 features a Venetian cutaway concert body design. The concert body improves the resonance and allows for more volume. The top is spruce, and the back and sides are of mahogany.

The finish is a super sweet natural gloss. It has a mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard and dot inlays. Again, I would say that the craftsmanship is spot-on and ensures a long-lasting instrument.

It has die-cast chrome tuners. In addition, it contains a built-in active preamp and a set of basic controls. Hence it is the best acoustic electric bass guitar now-a-days.

Target Customer

It is playable, and I would recommend it to beginner players. If you expect a budget friendly bass then this willbe a good option. It has an economical price.

You can try it out in different settings and styles of music. The excellent addition is that it includes a gig bag which makes it even more player-friendly.

Bottom Line

Solid acoustic bass with a great natural look and sound that makes your investment pay off quickly. The Oscar Schmidt OB100 has its string in the more affordable price in acoustic bass guitars market.


Acoustic bass guitars are an excellent tool, allowing you to express yourself in a completely different way from an electric bass. All these basses vary in price range except Taylor.

Even though they are not as popular as their 6-string acoustic counterparts, there is still much worth in these instruments. As you have learned in this helpful buying guide, there are many significant advantages, especially to the new bassist, as to why you should choose an acoustic bass guitar.

All the above mentioned guitars are famous for the great build quality except for Taylor string which costs a high price. With plenty of models to choose from with high-quality wooden construction, you are sure to find the best acoustic bass guitar for your needs.

One of the best things about buying an acoustic bass guitar is that you have complete portability and won’t need any additional equipment. You won’t need to worry about purchasing other items when you buy your acoustic bass guitar, and instead, you will be able to start playing it as soon as it is delivered.

You can give your feedback with fun may be in next article. All the above mentioned guitars are famous for the great build quality except for Taylor string which costs a high price.

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