10 Best bluegrass guitars

10 Best bluegrass guitars

Meanwhile, the resources should also be fantastic to discover your full potential. Yes, whatever your skill is, you can perform your best if you acquire the right accessories for the process. So, here we are discussing the bluegrass guitars on the market. Even if you are a novice or professional musician, the right guitar will be the backbone of your performance.

Further, after acquiring the right bluegrass guitar, practice is the following key. Moreover, for many people, bluegrass guitarists are not of much importance. Because according to them, they never take the lead but only rhyme.

 Proper Combination

However, drops of water combine to form an ocean. Similarly, the whole group of musicians’ combinations will produce impressive results.

Thus, whatever passion you have, you should work hard on that and take it to the top level. Further, take a perfect guitar for bluegrass and practice hard until you are one of the top bluegrass musicians. So, follow your interest and passion, and it will reward you in the future like magic.

If you search for the best bluegrass guitars, then you are at the right place. Because here, we will offer you several great options that are safe to spend your money on. In addition, if you are a beginner, then this post will prove helpful for you. Further, we will discuss their feature in detail. So that you can make an great choice for yourself without spending thousand dollars.

Acoustic guitar

If you are a beginner among bluegrass players, you might be confused about whether the bluegrass guitars are acoustic or electric guitars.

For you, playing bluegrass generally comes in acoustic guitars because they have traditional roots in music styles. Thus all bluegrass band comes with acoustic instruments. Meanwhile, most players use phosphor bronze. Also, a resonant and warm sound plays a more meaningful impact.

Now once you are clear with the acoustic feature. Further, let’s discuss bluegrass music. If you are already aware of what bluegrass music is, you can skip to the next section.

Bluegrass Music

Meanwhile, Bluegrass music combines elements of southern string band music, blues, English, Irish, and Scottish traditions, as well as country music. Further, the Bluegrass genre is known for its high-energy, fast-paced sound. The bluegrass ensemble is all standard instruments in the 5-string banjo, flat-top classics guitar, fiddles, and mandolins. Whatever genre you want, a balance and warm sounds amazing to the world.

Though the bluegrass play doesn’t lead, it would be cool to know that it will matter a lot.

Further, The guitar and bass carry the downbeat and provide the rhythmic framework with the headstock.

In contrast to Old-time music, when all instruments play the melody together, bluegrass songs have each melodic instrument. Thus, they take turns carrying the mellow while the others play one by one.

Further, bluegrass singing is also high pitched for any country as compared to other forms. Bluegrass music is modern string music that is based on tradition. Bluegrass typically comprises four to seven musicians who sing while playing acoustic strings.

Pickers and vocalists have been preserving his approach while including new components. Thus, with advancements, new styles of music are added to traditional music. So, keep it up to date and revive bluegrass playing with time.

Now, before moving towards the guitar for bluegrass. We will guide our beginners on what they need to improve their skill level apart from high-quality guitars.

Practice, Practice, And Practice

To sound amazing, professional musicians and bluegrass players have great guitars. But in addition to that, they also practice for hours without a break. Thus, it is not a piece of cake to play the guitar. The fundamental part is also the practice and passion.

So, before spending money, make sure to create a clear picture in mind. We don’t want to divert you, but we want to guide you from all aspects as it’s a buyer’s guide.

Thus if you are buying it for the first time, take out a practicing session daily. To master the skill and start sounding professional guitarist. You can learn bluegrass guitar only if you practice regularly.

Now let’s move toward the best guitars for bluegrass.

Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium Guitar

Hey folk, we certainly agree that choosing a bluegrass guitar is difficult. But there are many good options for the best bluegrass guitars on the market.

Further, When you play frets with this brand, you want someone to sing with and appreciate and enhance your heart. Meanwhile, the Taylor 214ce grand auditorium has one of the best frets to play as a bluegrass guitar.

Meanwhile, talking about the classic dreadnought shape of Taylor is bluegrass guitar. The waist of this bluegrass guitar is thin, which makes it easier to access the frets.

In addition to that, it also features a cutaway. Thus, this cutaway helps the folk who have difficulty playing guitars that are broad. Therefore, it’s a user-friendly guitar in our point of view for every genre, either loud or country music. A non-cutaway would function the same way.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t matter if you’re tall or short; you’ll be able to pick up the speed of bluegrass music faster and with less effort. Also, its droppable action rosewood is fantastic.

East Indian rosewood Sides

Further, The back and sides are composed of east Indian rosewood, a famous guitar wood. Also, this wood adds a hint of sweetness and the best bang for the buck.

Meanwhile, because the top is constructed of solid Sitka spruce and the sound travels through the guitar. Thus producing a sound with your fingerpicking that is crisp and clear.

Flattop guitar

This is a flattop guitar used for bluegrass. On the other side, the archtop has f-holes, with a carved top and, at last, a tailpiece. Further, guitar glue is used to stick the top in this flattop.

Meanwhile, the Grand Auditorium Cutaway uses X-bracing. Despite the round sound hole being in the middle of the soundboard. The X produces a balanced flow of strength from the top bout to the lower bout. Thus providing stiffness in sound and strings. So, this is the best bluegrass guitar for even famous bluegrass musicians.

  • Its perfect cutaway makes it a suitable guitar for people with shorthand.
  • The use of rosewood makes its tone sweet, thus making it among the best guitars for bluegrass.
  • It has a solid Sitka spruce top which further eases the process of fingerpicking.
  • Meanwhile, its action can be lower bout thus also useful for electric guitarists.
  • Experienced bluegrass guitarists may feel it is lacking at many points.
  • As an electric instrument, it is not the best guitar available.

Martin d 28 Dreadnought Acoustic guitar.

The Martin D-28 Dreadnought is a bluegrass guitar.

Meanwhile, the Martin D-28 Dreadnought is a golden ticket to producing an actual bluegrass tone with sweetness. Further, if you are a bluegrass musician, you will love to play bluegrass with this guitar.

Meanwhile, these acoustic guitars were played by Clarence, doc Watson and then tony rice. They increase the playability and add more volume by using heavy strings while strumming and licks.

Balance of Sounds

Previously, we heard they were made of Brazilian rosewood. It consists of genuine East Indian rosewood back and sides and a solid Sitka spruce top. Further, it delivers a well-balanced acoustic tone, warmth, and powerful loudness to offer a classic bluegrass guitar.

That implies you’re paying for a place in a long line of guitarists, but it’s not just for nostalgia. You’re paying for the quality, tone, clarity, and strength that have helped to create that sense of nostalgia. The build quality is fantastic. You can feel it while playing.

The Martin D-28 offers a deep bluegrass sound that resonates in the best way. In addition, it provides a clear projection so you can reach every listener in the room with clarity.

Above, it would be best if you were thankful for its traditional Dreadnought shape and shoulders.

Appropriate fingerboard

The Martin D-28 bluegrass guitar produces the tone and sound that people associate with bluegrass music. In addition, it has a good balance between fingerboard and string movement.

You need distinct sweet bottom notes, good fingerboard, balance, and great projection to play rich bluegrass. Thus, the D-28 is among the best guitars for bluegrass.

  • It produces an Authentic bluegrass tone that is lively to watch.
  • For lovely tones, the body and sides are made of rosewood.
  • For clarity and projection, a Sitka spruce top is used.
  • The acoustic tone is well-balanced than many acoustic guitars.
  • It can be used as an electric guitar.
  • The electric guitarist is maybe a little disappointed with the shoulder of this electric guitar.
  • This isn’t the cheapest guitar on the market for a classic sound.

Blueridge Br 140 Bluegrass guitars

Meanwhile, the neck of the Blueridge br is composed of solid east Indian rosewood. The solid mahogany neck is not present, but its back and sides are of solid mahogany. Tuning is easy.

Thus, the added sweetness of rosewood produces desirable results for many bluegrass guitarists.

Moreover, it produces a resonant sound and clear tone with the Sitka spruce top.

Also, it possesses a good fingerboard and string action. Further, it has an X shape and neck joint for smooth playing and better controls.

Furthermore, because it is made using current guitar-making techniques, it provides excellent value for its price. Thus, costing much less than under a thousand dollars.

Price Spend On A Bluegrass

The BR-140 hits all the proper notes for bluegrass, and it invites you to do the same.

It’s a terrific low-cost alternative to the more typical heavy guitars that don’t even sound amazing. Further, it’s a versatile instrument despite its low price.

We cannot expect a doubt about its versatility.

Its Sitka spruce top produces clear, robust mid-range tonal characteristics. It’s a great guitar with some good fingerpicking and overall tone.

The handmade braces include a conventional forward X design and a neck joint.

  • The body of Blueridge is made of mahogany, which gives it a rich tone, unlike most guitars.
  • The Sitka spruce top has a crisp projection.
  • Fingerpicking is encouraged and easy.
  • An absolute beginner guitar at a cheap price.
  • Mid-range sounds that are well-balanced tone-wise for many bluegrass players.
  • The Blueridge is manufactured with the help of modern techniques and quality sounds.
  • A holy grail product to spend on bluegrass without the hefty price tag.
  • The body and sides are made of mahogany rather than layered rosewood.

Martin Standard D 18

Talking about the martin guitars, Most people will advise getting an updated model of the martin guitar standard series. However, this is not precisely the case.

The value of the Martin d 18 is still great as a bluegrass guitar. This is called orchestra model with exotic woods.

Further, moving towards the clarity and depth of Martic D 18 is amazing. In addition, the balanced tone and richness it offers are still up to the mark.

Moreover, it can also produce a great tone with both boom and whisper. Thus, in the course of practice, you can learn to whisper.

Scalloped Bracing

Now moving toward the body shape, it has a mahogany back and sides. Further, it has a solid spruce top. It is forward shifted and x scalloped braces.

Also, its top is thin compared to the age-old dreadnought design of its predecessors, but the sounds are unique with this neck profile.

Meanwhile, the mahogany produces a tone of the new D-18 that is far more responsive than its predecessor. At the same time, the tone warms and is sweet as you play it.

Just like many bluegrass guitars, its responsiveness allows you to do more and even stimulates you to get more from this bluegrass guitar. Moreover, it can be used to play various genres according to personal preference.

Mahogany produces something that is sometimes described as warm with great emphasis on the higher register (the treble). Also, you can afford these models from the table of contents.

  • The D-18 is a perfect example of a classic richness of sounds.
  • The new top is more responsive.
  • Midsection that is balanced and easy access.
  • The tone is less rich and has less bass response than its ancestors.

Taylor 224ce-K DLX Deluxe Bluegrass Guitar


The Taylor 224ce-K DLX Deluxe won’t be the perfect pick for some artists. Though, there are a number of features in Taylor guitars that are different from the above guitars. But it is still one of the awesome products in the market for bluegrass. Let’s have a look at it in a bit more detail.

Meanwhile, it lacks the rosewood body and sides, instead opting for Hawaiian Koa and a Koa top.

That Koa construction adds a brightness to the sound that may take some time to get a deep sound with this bluegrass tonal palette.

However, this does not state that it is a wrong pick.

While it starts with a bright sound, it gradually develops into a rich bluegrass sound. However, you will need to play it and spend some time polishing your ability.

Grand Auditorium body shape

Deluxe has a Grand Auditorium body form with a Venetian cutaway. Further, it offers easy accessibility to all the guitarists out there.

Meanwhile, It starts shiny and rigid, but it improves with usage, becoming richer, softer, and sweeter every time you play.

Above all, it stands out for its versatility. It gives the projection you need for more than good bluegrass. But it can also be used to specialize in other genres of music.

  • The Venetian cutaway allows all the guitarists to play the Grand Auditorium body form with ease.
  • The tone becomes deeper and sweeter with the rosewood body as you play more.
  • Stunning visual appeal and the best guitar for bluegrass.
  • Further, it is versatile in natural ability and tonal aspects.

Koa isn’t one of the traditional bluegrass woods.

Mahogany neck and back are missing, which is more suited for bluegrass guitars.

This guitar may be characterized as useless by Bluegrass enthusiasts and professionals

Takamine GD30CE

The Takamine GD30CE is the one to consider for acoustic-electric guitar players who wish to get into the bluegrass scene.

Thus we can say that it suits electric guitarists as well as performs well as an acoustic guitar.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for an economical acoustic guitar under your tight budget.

It’s a guitar with a lot to offer to those looking for an economical acoustic to add to their collection. Or in other words, it’s a desirable option for those who need to plugin for an amplified tone.

When people think about bluegrass, Takamine isn’t one of the first names that come to mind, but it should be.

Their reputation for producing high-quality instruments is well-deserved.

According to Takamine, the fretboard, bridge, and headstock overlay are all composed of ovangkol.

Ovangkol is a rosewood cousin with stronger mid-range richness and excellent bass notes.

Compact Size

Let’s look at some of the other advantages this guitar has for the bluegrass player. The size of this guitar is smaller than a dreadnought.

Thus, it is a perfect option for many guitarists who find dreadnoughts too big and feel difficult while playing guitar.

Further, this is a great bluegrass guitar for the concert because of its compact size. Also, it is the best guitar for people with small hands.

Meanwhile, this guitar featured a different body shape than the traditional shape. Thus, the acoustic-electric guitarist can play scale length more easily.

However, its compact body size has little effect on the sound quality.

Further, the tone and loudness might be a concern for many bluegrass players.

Also, its cutaway is not the best apart from the scale length.

Meanwhile, the tone must be brighter because of the mahogany back and sides. But it is not the case because the cutaways reduce the size of the guitar.

Thus, the soundbox is small, affecting the quality of sound.

  • It’s simple for acoustic-electric players to switch to acoustic than other models.
  • It’s adaptable thanks to the onboard Fishman electronics.
  • You can play bluegrass unplugged or use it the other way with an amplifier.
  • For people with tiny hands, the smaller version is ideal.
  • There are three color variations available. The darker shade looks better.
  • You can easily spend on a bluegrass guitar this much amount. Also, expect quality sounds and rock the songs with this brand.

The cutaway eliminates a lot of the natural volume.

Because of its smaller size, it might not be able to cut through a mix as successfully as a dreadnought.

For people with more giant hands, the neck size may be too small.

Alvarez AD60

When it came to making a solid-performing, well-built acoustic guitar. The Alvarez guitars utterly revolutionized the game.

It all starts with a beautiful tonewood selection.

Further, the guitar comes with a solid spruce top. In addition, with mahogany back and sides and neck profile.

Though it delivers the punch needed for bluegrass guitar. But it also offers smoothness added to it. Thus, this combination works great.

The AD60 also has a rosewood fretboard and bridge, which we can expect to be more common on more expensive guitars.

Easy Strumming

It has a custom-built appearance thanks to its distinctive bridge design and actual bone saddle.

The lack of fretboard markings makes it hard to play, especially if you are a newbie. However, with the exception of a lovely pearl inlay at the 12th fret, it is a notable feature.

Meanwhile, remember that there are side markers to help you keep track of where you are on the fretboard. The neck is narrower than other guitars.

However, you can easily do the strumming chords for an extended period of time because it has enough space for playability.

Flatpicking ease

Even with the close Flatpicking, string buzz isn’t a concern. You can use much power in your Flatpicking without damaging the tone.

This dreadnought-sized work of art effortlessly cuts through the clutter.

Because of Alvarez’s unique bracing mechanism, it still has that low-end smoothness that is so important in bluegrass rhythm playing.

It’s been intended to give the guitar much power while also leveling out the tone.

The Alvarez AD60 may appear to be too good to be accurate, but it is very inexpensive. Further, it is equipped with all the professional features it offers, just like higher-priced guitars.

  • Meanwhile, it sounds incredible.
  • Further, the quality of the guitar is the first thing to notice.
  • You can purchase it at an affordable range.
  • The use of unusual bracing improves both tone and structural integrity.
  • Professional elements such as a genuine bone saddle will increase the tone and beat other expensive guitars.
  • The glossy finish of the neck makes it a less appealing model and adds a cheap vibe.
  • The lack of fretboard inlays suspends it from being a beginner’s friendly option.
  • Although the neck is rather narrow, it may be too broad for some players.

Fender CD-60S

Some people have the misconception that the fender is only limited to acoustic-electric guitars. However, this is not the case as the company also produces a wider range. Out of all its products, one great example of a bluegrass guitar is CD 60 S.

Maple Wood

Further, it’s a dreadnought size guitar that is composed of maple and rosewood. Along with that, a solid spruce top.

In addition, it has a mahogany back and sides. Further, its performance is amazing with the solid spruce top.

Thus, this is a great bluegrass guitar putting in such a price range. So, it is recommended to spend on this classic acoustic guitar.

Warmth And Smoothness

You can start playing guitar right after you purchase it. Further, its classic acoustic tone offers a mid to high punch according to your mood.

In addition, there is a warmth and smooth, resonant sound to hear. Further, beginners and professionals are both in love with the neck.

Don’t worry! As this bluegrass guitar will adapt according to your mood. With the progress of the chords, the rhythm baselines will come with a natural flow.

Beginners will benefit much from this package. Because you not only receive a high-quality instrument, but you also get an extra set of useful features.

  • It has a solid spruce top.
  • Further, it has amazing performance for a smooth and in-depth experience.
  • You can easily afford this brand article.
  • The rhythm will develop after some time.

Yamaha FG830

By far, the most budget-friendly guitar in this post is the Yamaha FG830. It’s an acoustic guitar, and it’s a great pick for novices.

I prefer to think of the Yamaha FG830 as an entry-level and budget-friendly version of the Martin D28, with its solid spruce top and rosewood back and sides.

Rosewood has a little “softer” and “warmer” tone than other popular back-and-side woods, such as mahogany, which gives this instrument a lovely sound.

The FG830, on the other hand, has the volume and sustain you need, with booming and powerful sound in the bass and mid-ranges.

Hardshell case

The FG830 is also available in a number of colors, allowing you to pick the ideal guitar for your needs. It comes with a hardshell case, Grover tuners, picks, and lighter strings.

It’s the greatest acoustic guitar from the price point of view, and it’s still one of our favorites on the list.

  • It has a solid Sitka spruce top.
  • Further, it’s a budget-friendly guitar for bluegrass.
  • This Yamaha instrument has rosewood back and sides.
  • Some professionals may dislike it a bit for stage performance.

Epiphone DR-100 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

With the Epiphone DR-100 acoustic guitar, you get more than a basic guitar at this price than you may imagine. Select spruce sits on a mahogany back and sides.

As the wood ages, the tone of the DR-100 will improve further.

The Epiphone’s SlimTaper neck shape is a not-too-thick, not-too-thin neck profile that’s suited for a wide range of playing styles.

Further, its playability is excellent.

Despite the fact that the Epiphone DR-100 acoustic guitar has the price of a beginner’s guitar. But it has a tone and feels that you’ll never want to give up.


Built with authentic tonewoods and Epiphone’s years of experience, this acoustic guitar is incredibly inexpensive.

Select Spruce tops provide a vibrant, bright tone that blends well with other options.

The wood is mahogany; the back and sides give your tone deputy. Further, complements the spruce top well with the mahogany wood.

The SlimTaper neck profile is ideal for beginners and younger players.

  • It has a slim taper profile.
  • This model is affordable yet one of the most famous models.
  • Authentic tonewoods help to produce in-depth sounds.
  • Some sound people are reluctant to stand for the natural slim shape of this model.


Meanwhile, for our audience, we have listed some of the top models. In addition, we have discussed their features in detail.

Some have dreadnought design while other has a great value for the price they have.

You can choose one guitar according to your requirements and add it to your guitar collection. These are the good bluegrass guitars that have a deep bass response.

Also, you might have visited similar posts and other articles but to hear from us was the best.


Meanwhile, now you must be able to find a quality guitar without extra cost.

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